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Unread 11-24-2003, 05:48 PM   #1
Check mate.
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Default Roleplaying Rules/Guidelines.

General rules

You are allowed to create whatever scenario you want and use whatever character you want, except copies of pre-existing characters, such as someone who is exactly like Cloud, Sephiroth, whatever. Those will not be permitted. Try and use some originality!

If you want a signup thread, cool. If you just want to jump right into the story, cool. We would ask however that you do not create any battle arena types, or god mode characters. Those are pretty standard rules anyways. If someone has already started an RP and it is going strong, it's usually a better idea to make a post asking if you can join, or even better to PM the author of the RP asking if you can join, rather than just jumping right in. It all depends on the style of the RP and how quickly it's going and such.

Threads will be locked at 100 posts. This doesn't mean the RP is over, it's more of a 'chapter' situation. It makes it easier to find older stuff in the RPs. Participants are more than welcome to start up a new thread. If the current thread is at 100 posts and nobody is around to close it, start a new one anyways. We'd rather just keep everything organized.

One-on-one battles.

Pretty simple, if you just want to duke it out with someone take it here. Basically it's just for fun. Still no free-for-alls since they never work out anyways, but at least a place where you can have a good little fight.

Some random things that came up:

Para RP is essential to get a good basis on enviroment, character emotion, background, conversation and even little things like time, weather etc. It makes things more detailed and almost like a story in which we can explore and expand horizons with the roleplay.

Character description is important so that others will know how you look, what you wear, even what you smell like - all of these things can be used to an advantage when writing a post.

Use of descriptive language is also pretty good. For example, instead of saying 'I pointed my blade' use 'directed' or 'angled' that way if you need to say it more times within your post, it won't sound as if you are repeating the same thing over and over again.

I'm a fan of T1 fighting. The rules are pretty simple (unless you happen to be a white mage or the like) and consist of writing paragraphs of text describing what you are doing. If you are fighting against someone, try to say that you are waiting to see if the attack hits ie: "I lunged my rapier at his chest, hoping he would not dodge' - or something to that likeness. If you automatically make the hit, this move is then 'void' because the other character 'could' have had a chance to avoid it.

No playing God. No character can survive too much of a beating, even if we are playing within fantasy realms. Being a God-like character without due cause isn't funny nor is it fair.

Always, yes always, give your character a purpose. This way even if the story is moving away from your character, you can still do something. And it helps that your character might have a problem or barrier to overcome, as this always makes for a good side-line sometimes becoming involved in the main story.

If you enter an RP and then decide you don't have time for it or don't want to be in it anymore, either tell the maker of the RP, or find a way for your character to be killed off. That way it doesn't leave others wondering where you are and waiting for you to post.

The decisions about roleplays are up to the person who started it. If they choose to lock it, delete it or so forth, no one shall squabble about it. It's usually for a good and decent reason that they have done it, and for them to do it, they need to go through me first, so I can judge if I think it is right or not. If anyone wants to make a complaint about the way things are run, about anyone here or even myself, then either tell me or another mod.

I do agree that sometimes RP's take a long time to progress, but don't forget, it is the job of EVERYONE within that storyline to make an effort to keep it going. If you can see that it is really struggling, there's nothing too bad about double posting. (As long as it is with due reason) This way you can say how much time has passed.

Try variation in your character names. Sometimes its good to have a name that sounds like the race you are, or where they come from. That way it makes things seem more realistic. This also sets your character apart from any other RP, so it doesn't become confuzing trying to remember which part you play in each RP.


These rules were taken from the old forums and my own forums at . These are guidelines to GOOD roleplaying. We're not stopping you from having your fun, but please, keep spam to a minimum. Short posts can often be regarded as spam, and in this case, will be deleted if there is a complaint. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to PM me.

If we come up with anything else it will be added either in a subsequent post or edited on to the end of this one. Thanks.
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