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Unread 09-28-2005, 02:56 AM   #31
Deus Lupus
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"Monkey-boy! I was just thinking of you!" Havoc said grinning slyly. Family curse had never let him down. "And how are things with you, Ed? What brings the pair of... sailors like you to this port and how are things on board the Winged Rat?"
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Unread 09-28-2005, 04:43 AM   #32
Rhiya Ravenwing
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"You must be Kaile," the voice that hissed in his ear was metallic, and Kaile caught the whiff of draconic. He turned to see the metallic red, unmarked dragon with grey-violet eyes stare back at him.
"Who's to ask?" he gruffed back, staring at the drake uncomfortably. Those piercing eyes did not waver even when they met the controlled stare of his.
"The one that wishes to commission you. Come with me."
With a flick of her tail, the draconic stood up, placing a pair of well-sharpened hands on his shoulders and guiding him gently to stand. Two gold coins flicked from beneath the cloak of the draconic. The inkeeper caught them, gave a tooth-decaying smile, and turned his back to them.

The two left the Black Muskrat Inn without a hassle. With the draconic's cloak billowing out behind her, she led Kaile towards the Silver Thorn, where they will be less likely to be overheard in the lower-floored din.

As the walked, the draconic at the lead, Kaile trailing behind, the female draconic turned her head without pausing.
"My name is Vassa. I am here at my captain's command. She has need of your skills, and you will be paid handsomely for your troubles. However, she is currently making acquaintances, but will be ready for us once the merrymaking in the Silver Thorn has died down. You will be treated to a meal, if you so wish, and your commission will be paid with an advance deposit."
"Sounds like she really wants it done."
"You have no idea," Vassa treated Kaile to a toothy grin, flashing serrated teeth that looked like they could saw through metal, "the captain wishes only the best of the enchanters to perform such an important task, and that, of course, would be you. Ah, here we are. Come," Vassa said as she opened the door to the Silver Thorn Tavern, "I'll get your a pint of the best Honey Mead. I hear it's quite the famous beverage in the whole of Archana. We'll talk about this later in the Captain's bedroom."
Originally Posted by Arhra
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Unread 09-28-2005, 05:08 AM   #33
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Lyta was slightly relieved to be taken away from the rest of the bar's occupants. She certainly didn't want to end up having to deal with a group of rowdy pirates in the middle of an inn. Besides, the draconic they were with seemed considerably more friendly than most of the standard fare.

The sorceress smiled to her, "I figured asmuch. You don't need a diviner to tell if someone is a pirate, and yes, they've no place here."

Lyta waved her left hand nochalantly over her salad, before reaching for her utensils and taking a bite, following up with a sip of water. Makei looked rather miffed about being ignored, but remained vigilantly scanning from atop Lyta's staff, now propped against the side of the table, while the sorceress enjoyed her meal.

"Arrpey, is it?" she asked to the draconic, "You're a merchant, aren't you? What do you trade in?"
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Unread 09-28-2005, 09:24 AM   #34
Sent to the cornfield
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Rin folded her arms and let out a small sigh of relief. Lyta had always been better at talking - she had accepted her role as the silent guardian, and was glad to be able to resume it.

She took the opportunity to study this... "Arrpey" character. Draconic, yes, and claiming to be a merchant. She didn't dress like Rin's mental image of a merchant (overweight, dripping in jewels and furs, with a girl or two hanging off his arms), yet she could tell that this one was good at talking...

...or was there something else?

Rin yawned. It had been a while since she had allowed herself to rest and relax, and the strain was taking its toll.
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Unread 09-28-2005, 11:06 AM   #35
Toastburner B
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In the depths of the Fys flagship, Kenneth poured dragon-feed into the trough, in front of Aska. The silver colored dragon growled in delight as it buried it’s head into the food. He rubbed the dragon’s neck before he walked away. One of the secrets of being a good rider: your dragon likes you more if you are the one who feeds it.

As he left Aska in her stall, he walked by Erez and Nar, making sure the other two dragons in his squadron were taken care off. The small, lithe Nar was contently asleep, some feed still on her face. The bigger Erez was still licking out his trough, as if trying to claim every atom of food for his own. Nice to see that Eleanor picked up on this quick.

It had been a tradition for the riders of the famed Red Fang squadron to feed their own dragons. While handlers were on board to handle such a thing, Kenneth found that having the riders take care of their dragons helped to strengthen the bond between the two…and in battle, that bond was often-time the last thing between you and death. It was the difference between your dragon not even noticing when you get knocked off it’s back and having it dive after you. He owned Aska his life at least twice for pulling such a stunt.

At the end of the stables came the thwack sound of padded cudgels smacking into each other, and the grunt of frustration from a woman. As the dragons looked on in bored interest, the other two members of the Red Fang squadron sparred in an area they had zoned off for this purpose. Hay covered the floor to pad any falls that might happen, and a makeshift rack held a small collection of padded cudgels.

The sight of the spar itself was somewhat amusing. Ix was big, even from a draconic, and the padded cudgel he was wielding was probably about the same weight as his opponent. Ix had been with Kenneth since the days of the academy, and had proven himself to be an excellent dragon rider, despite the disadvantage of his size.

With a yell, Eleanor Kinsaloth charged the draconic. Eleanor had been assigned to the Red Fang not too long ago. The elf herself was a rarity: an outcast. The name “Kinsaloth” marked her as “one with no family”. Attempting to escape a life she had no control over, Eleanor had left her home and joined the Fys military. Interesting choice, Kenneth thought to himself. In an attempt to gain control of her life, she signs it away to the military..

Eleanor brought around her smaller cudgel around, but Ix easily blocked it. She struck again, and again and again, but each time the draconic blocked the blow. On her final slash, Ix brought his cudgel around, knocking Eleanor’s weapon away. With a sweeping blow, he knocked her legs out from under her, sending her sprawling into the hay. Before she could get up, he put his cudgel above her neck.

Kenneth walked over, and knelt down next to her. “You don’t charge aggressively enough.”

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Unread 09-28-2005, 11:20 AM   #36
Bending space
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Edward coughed a little. "Oh um, the Flying rat. Yeah we lost that ship in a pirate raid." He said by way of cover. "We're using an older ship now, the Lying Quirr. We just pulled into port this evening." Maybe his voice was a bit loud, but sense it looked like everyone had already decided he was drunk, dispite them not drinking till just now, he figured it would go over.
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So THATS where his ideas came from.

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Unread 09-28-2005, 01:10 PM   #37
Astral Harmony
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Aylith had finished and...was stuck with the cat. It really was as simple as that. She relaxed and figured the merchant who was to get her to Isle Marw would come find her sooner or later, so she mindlessly stroked the cat and hoped it would stay this peaceful. Well, maybe not so peaceful. It was kinda boring.
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Unread 09-28-2005, 01:59 PM   #38
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The captain removed his top hat, which had recently replaced his billowy one, with a smile. "Havelock my old chum, shake me hand if we still be friends." Slapping his hand forcefully against Havoks he let a few silver coins slip into Havoks grasp.

"Lets not speak of old times old friend, let us move forward towards a brighter tomorrow. What future epic tales can we expect from our favorite Mer-' Even as Paul continued to sway heavily two and frow in his seat as if he was still on the low skies, he noticed Edwards continuingly concerned look as he began to say mercenary,

"chant gaurd? A few merchant damsels here and there, perhaps the theft.... prevention of a some jewels. Everyone here is looking at you friend, they all want to know, wheres he off to? Someplace exotic, another fight another fray. In the end everyone here just wants to be you, to have adventures with and without the stife. Save for me, I want to be me."

Edward looks taken aback by the slight of not wanting to be himself, Paul quickly snaps his fingers with a finger pointed straight at Ed he continued, "And save for Ed there who also wishes he was me." Paul finished with a hearty laugh as a new more plump and unnactrative maid set down some drinks before them.

Paul never lost eye contact with Havok as he grabbed the mug and cheerily drank the amber ale, that had been set before him. Without miising a drop of ale his arm swang outwards and rapped firmly against her ass. She walked off with an angry groan as he lowered his mug and cave his compatriots a quite serious and concerned look.

"I always thout that drinkin was supposed to make them more attractive." He glanced at Havok once more, "Perhaps I should temper my drinking with former wisdom. So Havelock, where are you headed?"
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Unread 09-28-2005, 02:22 PM   #39
Death Dealer
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Vilicen saw the Captain and Ed speaking with a man he did not recognize. He stood from his table near the back and pulled up a chair, placing it at the small table and having a seat, his firewhiskey still in his hand. He tipped his hat slightly to the unknown man. "Hello again Cap. Who's this fine gentleman? A fellow merchant, a guard, a...a pirate?" Vilicen whispered the last part as if in suprise, fully playing his merchant role well on shore, and even more so with an audience he didn't know. He just took another deep swig of his whiskey and awaited an answer from one of the three other men at the table as he began to hum a drinking song to himself quietly.
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Unread 09-28-2005, 02:39 PM   #40
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"Vilicen, my fine deckhand, You've yet to meet our good friend Havelock Starborne, he is a man of finest stature. Best dragon trainer I've ever seen to boot, and I believe he was about to tell us where he was headed. Isn't that right, Havelock?"
President of the Official Zombie Horde: Shambling mess / Friend of Zombie Bear

I was just playing around with my imagination and then everything got INTENSE.
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