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Unread 10-01-2005, 08:13 PM   #11
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IHateMakingNames is the wind beneath your wings. IHateMakingNames is the wind beneath your wings. IHateMakingNames is the wind beneath your wings. IHateMakingNames is the wind beneath your wings.

With no one attacking him, Kalos was free to stop the fire. The fire was to large and to fuled to be put out by simply fire bending, so he would have to do it another way.

He walked to the east side of the burning building, and placed himself so there would be plently of earth between him and the fire. Once in place, he made a large kicking motion towards the fire. A large chunk of the dirt infront of him swept up and covered the building. Kalos repeated this many times until the entire building was covered in dirt, with a large, circular ditch around it.

And then it hit him. That monkey guy he had attacked was Paul Right, captain of the Flying Squirrels. His bounty could be dozens of Black Muskrat Inns.

"Damn, I lost a good bounty for some pocket change..." Kalos mumbled to himself as he made rock bindings around each pirate, which was upsetting him further since they kept squirming around.
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Unread 10-01-2005, 09:11 PM   #12
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The Moon Fang pulled up a ways from the now earth covered remains of the Muskrat, an Avian named Spot at the helm. She gazed at the view and the haggard and undrunk crew of the ship. "Musta been some party."

"Ha ha Spot, where's the nearest place to blow off steam?" Gavin climbed over the ships walls as the rest of his party climbed up the ropes or flew or slivered or whatever their various limbs allowed.

"Maybe we should call it a night, maybe put up the real flag and see what Praeyr's up to?"

"No, we got a good haul off of...THOMAS!" Gavin rushed to the bow of the ship, his human face disappearing into a large and extended snout that seemed to create a vacuum of the air around it. "That's what it was, the little sneaking bastard." He shook his head, his features returning to normal as he performed his action as if he was shaking off some water. "Hmm...we gotta do it."

The crew looked amongst each other. This was not necessarily a new feeling they shared, the kind of hopelessness that blanketed them as whatever strange cogs and gears that propelled the vast machinations of Gavin's mind kicked into overdrive without telling anybody where the emergency shutoff switch was. It was these moments that strained the all-around good times being a member of Gavin's crew enveloped.

Their eyes darted between each other, holding unspoken votes while casting ethereal ballots. Phillip was unanimously chosen. "Umm...we gotta do what?"

"Well Smitty, we're going buzz by Tommy boy, lead him on the chase he so desires then figure things out from there. How fast can Betty go when she's as low as she can go?"

"Well she can maintain a good 20 click speed at about 20 feet above the ground." Spot didn't know why she was regaling her half-crazed superior with the suicide facts of their burden dragon but she couldn't stop her compulsion to answer. She forced herself to inject reason. "But I wouldn't suggest even doing that, in case...umm."

Gavin mulled this over. "Double that first number and halve the second, I don't want Tom getting anxious. And give Betty some of his special feed."


"Good to know Spot, make it happen."
The Moon Fang careened down the countryside, dangerously low as Spot and Smitty and Owl and all the others kept pointing out. Gavin paid them no mind, insisting on leaning out the side, ears flapping, his mouth open in a large "YEEEHAWW!" as they passed over the heads of Thomas and his cronies.
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Unread 10-01-2005, 11:06 PM   #13
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Krylo is [censored for Unusual use of a goat]. Krylo is [censored for Unusual use of a goat]. Krylo is [censored for Unusual use of a goat]. Krylo is [censored for Unusual use of a goat]. Krylo is [censored for Unusual use of a goat]. Krylo is [censored for Unusual use of a goat]. Krylo is [censored for Unusual use of a goat]. Krylo is [censored for Unusual use of a goat]. Krylo is [censored for Unusual use of a goat]. Krylo is [censored for Unusual use of a goat]. Krylo is [censored for Unusual use of a goat].

(OOC: If I remember right, the earth and the area around it are very very hostile to humans. Going 10 feet above the ground would kill your entire crew and destroy your ship, if not from lava spurts than from noxious gasses forcing your dragon to pass out.)

The sudden lack of support snapped Alex awake, his feline instincts kicking in as his body twisted around allowing him to land on all four paws as nimbly as a real cat.

He blinked rapidly as his feline eyes focused and noticed the girl being dragged away by some obviously agitated man, as well as a fire in the distance, and the fact that he was outside. Reacting quickly, he turned and ran back toward the silver thorn, leaping up the wall more agile than even a normal cat, as his natural climbing was augmented by years of skill that a mere housecat could never cultivate.

Within moments he was on the roof of the building, and a second later he was human again, pulling his pants and boots back on.

With his body back in its other form, he stood upright and looked out over the city, seeing ships taking off the smoke from the now, covered, Black Muskrat, and other ships nearly ramming into each other.

"...What the hell did I sleep through?" he asked the night, not really expecting any answer. However, one thing was certain, there was trouble, and that meant he could probably get work.

His feet moved quickly, springing into a run to the edge of the roof, where he leaped after the woman who had fed him, easily reaching the roof of the next building over, and then the next, and the next, onward at a running pace, moving from roof to roof.
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Unread 10-01-2005, 11:28 PM   #14
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The night sky was not making it any easier to find this rouge ship.

From behind Niles you could see the burning embers of what once was “The Black Muskrat” from his altitude the flames seemed to illuminated one half of the sky the effect was quite beautiful, it took a few seconds for Niles to realize that as pleasant as it was to look at, people might be hurt back there. Niles shifted his eyes back to the task at hand.

Niles was almost unable to see the tips of his wings in this night, he was about to give up when.


Niles fell tumbling into the dark abyss, before he lost consciousness he felt as if his back had hit something hard, rather than plummeting into the great beyond down below he was saved. Overworked, under slept Niles drifted into sandland.

(OOC: For those of you still curious, he just hit the mast of the Flying Squirrel, the ship Niles was looking for.)
-End of Line

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Unread 10-01-2005, 11:58 PM   #15
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(OOC: Don't worry, they won't get that close to the earth. I've got backup.)

Thomas looked in the sky as Gavin and his ship flew by. If he general hadn't given up scowling years ago, he would have done it now. Chris waved his fist in the air.

"Come down here 'n fight it out like a man, you worm-ridden fleabag!"

Thomas merely reached into his jacket and pulled out a whistle. He blew on it, and waited. Within moments, two dragon riders appeared from the sky and landed near Thomas and his soldiers. One was white, while the other was blue. A female sat atop the white one, and an old man was saddled on the blue. They were Naomi and Ramond, the other two Fys Dragon Riders. The old man looked down.

"So, sonny. Ya' need something shot down, do ya'?"

Thomas pointed at the fleeing Moon Fang. The dragonriders nodded, and flew off toward the ship. They would distract it until Thomas and the other two riders could get their dragons, or they would sink it, whichever came first. Naomi started the fight by pulling out her bow and notching an arrow to the wire. She pulled back and, with a quick but accurate aim, released the shaft at a high speed at the boat. It struck the mast, a few inches from Gavin's head.
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Unread 10-02-2005, 12:57 AM   #16
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Like a whip snap Edward was to the sound of the thump. He clammored up the ropes to the upper deck. An Avian lay there aparently unconciouse. "Shit. Boys light the running torches!" He bellowed. Picking up The light frame of the man he slung him over his shoulders and slid down a rope, his gauntleted hand protecting him from any rope burns. He landed safely on the floor of the ship. Just in time to see a scaley form swoop out of the night sky and land firmly on top of the Captains Quarters. "It is, I supose, the only suitable surface for a Dragon."

Edward carried the winged man over to the Cabins and laid him against the edge of it. "Ali releive this man of anything he might have on him and stow it in a guest locker. He may be a messenger from Viper. If so we want to keep him alive. If he's not, well, we can always toss him over the side." Ali proceeded to disarm the man, leaving him with his skin and clothes. The crew got the running torches lit. Displaying the ship against the darkness. "Right boys. We're merchants on our way to Varz. Remeber it!"
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Unread 10-02-2005, 01:22 AM   #17
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"My turn," havoc said with a sudden resolution in his voice as he saw winged shapes approaching the ship. Blowing into the whistle. Havoc unsheathed his two blades and, with enhanced agility, took a flying leap off the edge of the ship. For a moment, all was weightless. Then a winged shape appeared below him, and with pin-point accuracy, a saddle came up dirrectly under him.

"YEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAW!!!!" he shouted as, united as one offensive force, Havoc and Loki soared inward at a suicidal trajectory, straight towards the two other riders.

The Fys Riders could hardly believe what they were seeing. Loki was a big one, of that they could be certain, and pretty well trained, but this was a single mercenary who was about to take on two highly trained officers. But there was something about this rider, something about his stance, his demeanor, that made them just the slightest bit nervous.

The dragon launched off a few fire balls, it seemed, at random, as they flew, those would miss them by quite a bit, and at this range, they'd almost explode before they reached... the two dragon riders arrived at the same thought simultaniously and both riders pulled their mounts away from the fireball formation just as it exploded scorching the area in a cloud of burning gas. As both men pulled their mounts back into control they noticed to their dismay that the insane dragon rider had gone missing. Suddenly a bulge appeared in the cooling cloud of smoke and a dragon emerged, sans rider. With a growl, the dragon lunged straight for one of the riders. The other was just about to go and assist when a weight landed behind him. He turned around just in time to see a fist hit him square in the jaw. The rider spun out and grabbed on just in time to be kept from being thrown from his saddle. The rider caused his mount to buck, throwing Havoc from his mount. Havoc lept as he departed, landed in the combative saddle of his own mount, then lept back, landing firmly in font of the other the disgruntled rider, who swore, drew his shortsword and attempted to stab this unwanted assailent. There was a flick as the Scaleblade quickly parried the offending weapon. Then the pommel of Havoc's sword came down with a resounding thump on his opponent's head, knocking him cold. Havoc grabbed his opponent by the scruff of the neck and, lifting him from the saddle, again crossed the distance between himself and his mount.

Meanwhile the two dragons were locked in combat. Loki had the advantage of size but had to deal with a rider as well as a dragon. Neither seemed to be either winning or loosing until Havoc landed on Loki. He spurred the dragon into action. Loki pushed his foe away violently, and then dove under and past him quickly.

The rider realized this maneuver as a dog-fighting tactic and quickly urged his dragon into a tight arc to face the other dirrection before this strange mercenary could bring his own steed to bear. And as he turned, to his dismay, a shadow passed over him. He looked up to see the upside-down form of Havoc smiling and waving at him, as the dragon completed a full loop. The rider knew he would not have time to bring his mount around before he was roasted. He brased for the worst.

Havoc smiled and gave Loki the command for what he affectionately called the "monkey-catcher." The dragon swooped down and gently plucked the rider out of his seat before ascending. Havoc brought his mount around and headed back towards the Squirrel.
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Unread 10-02-2005, 02:07 AM   #18
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"Well well, the monkey-catcher." Paul said scratching his scruffy beard as he eyed the dragoneering battle with his golden monacle, Ali snuck up as always and interrupted the pirate captain in mid-thought.

"The monkey-catcher Captain?"

"Dammit all." Paul slammed his hand down angrily, he hadn't bribed that damned mercenary more times then he could count to have his men find out his story from his own lips. "It's nothing Ali, but maybe you could explain something for me. Because as my master thief I've become acquainted to your eloquent stories."

"Yes, Sir." Ali didn't know what to expect, while the two were both anthromorphs and served on the same ship, after that they had no other commonalities. The sneaky fox never knew what to expect from his monkey captain, the man was nigh unpredictable.

"You see Ali, we docked at Lyra as a mere merchant ship. And when we left that dock, we'd burnt down one of my favorite taverns of all the skyes. An unidentified Avian crashed into me mast, and it appears that my good friend Havelock just dispatched not one, but two Fys Dragonriders. So I must know, what did ye lads do while I was gone?"

Ali merely turned away with his sheepish fox grin seemingly explaining everything and nothing all at once.

"Very well, don't tell me, but don't expect me to not pull these hassles from your shares of our haul. After all while I was on shore I was but a perfect gentleman." A sudden shrill giggle rang out.

"Oh, tell me another." The bonne lass from the black muskrat giggled but again before falling asleep once more. Ali merely stared blankly at his captain.

"Allright, I was not a perfect gentleman, but I'll have ye know it was damndably close. Now get this ship moving, tell Parker I want to change course. Heading directly to Varz is far to risky at this juncture. Those dragon's will head straight to their ship, and point them straight towards Varz. As we shant be wanting to be captured, we head west till daybreak, then south towards Myth and we'll end up at... We'll I'm sure we'll find something along the way."

"Aye, aye Sir." Ali turned to tell Edward what Edward should have heard as the first mate, it was not uncommon for Paul to dish orders out in the wrong chain of command.

"And Ali, Tell Jim to change the damn name, I don't know what a Quirr is, but I know that it can't stand up to the raw fury of my flying squirrel." Paul looked at the sleeping woman once more, "Damndable Paul Rogers, he's always leaving me to deal with his lot."
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Unread 10-02-2005, 02:32 AM   #19
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Edward ran up to Paul. "Capin, Not to question your orders but, heading towards the Fys main miliraty headquarters. Dosn't seem prudent. Sure we can pull a dissapearing act in the fog but still. All those dragon riders..." Paul just looked at Edward. "Aye aye captain." Edward said as he walked off, bellowing orders at his crew.

"Jim I told you to change those signs once the money was in the hold!" Edward was damn sure he hadn't but he didn't care. "Being slow to obey will lead you astray!' Now hop to it. And we ain't slowing down so tie yourself in when you do!" Edward kept storming around the ship. Making sure the ropes were lowerd and tied back into place. "I want the ship coated in water! Get out the buckets and mops! RICKY! I want you in the Spider holes with the Mini Balista! No sense wasting cannon ammo at these fools. No doubt a ship will follow. Sense our cover is blown now we may as well dispense with our pleasent faces!" All across the crew the men seemed to relax and return to their more animalistic forms. "FINK! Scurry up to Roy. Dragon battles a foot I need you loading cross bows for him!"

Edward made his way to the Unconciouse Avian and dropped him down a hatch onto a pile of realativly soft debris. "If you wake up come on up and help us out." He shouted down the hatch before kicking it shut.

Edward went below deck himself and stormed into the kitchen. "Hogswarth I need some eggs!" He bellowed to the huge Swine.

"Aye Aye Mon First!" he bellowed right back. Opening up a hatch and tossing two at Edward. Who caught them deftly in his mouth. Gently peircing them with his teeth he grabed the eggs with one metal hand and sucked out the inside. It slid down his throat like....well Eggs. "Thats just what I needed. I need you to keep watch below deck. We have an avian on board. Crashed into our mast and landed on our deck. I kicked him down so just keep your ears open for him. He gives you trouble throw him off the ship."

With that Edward Walked back up to the deck.
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Unread 10-02-2005, 04:10 AM   #20
Sent to the cornfield
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As the ship passed low overhead, a small silhouetted speck detached from it, falling toward the roof of a tall tower. As it neared the roof, there was a brief flash of light, and suddenly it was swaying back and forth as it tumbled down the side of the tower at an unnaturally slow rate.

That figure was Teidan, who had used his Light Saber to slow his fall by plunging it into the tower walls and slaloming down the sides, twisting the sword so it took him from side to side instead of straight down.

There was a droll look on his face as he looked at the ground, just over a hundred feet below him.

"Dammit, this is so bloody boring..."

A maze of clotheslines loomed up below him, strung from one building to another, obscuring the ground in a fluttering sea of colorful clothes.

"Screw this shit!"

Teidan planted a foot int he wall and launched himself off, free-falling into the mass of clothing, letting his weight overload and snap the strings in exchange for slowing his descent somewhat. Below his sandals, a pressure sudden'y began building, and Teidan knew it was a bunch of lines which had been strong enough to take his weight. This would normally be good, but he sensed that they were going to spring him back up. A quick slash of his Light Saber took care of them, and he continued hacking his way down, until at last he was covered in a sea of sheets and clothing, dirtied from being dropped into the streets. Above him, windows flew open as a hundred angry housewives began looking for whoever the hell it was that had just ruined all their laundry.

Without further ado, Teidan beat feet, tossing off various unmentionables in his wake until he arrived in front of a bar. Without a second though, he flung the door open and slammed it behind him.

Above the entrance, the sign reading "Silver Thorn Inn" trembled somewhat.
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