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Unread 09-15-2011, 07:12 AM   #1
Kyanbu The Legend
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Comics What do you guys think?

I been working on getting my "D-Resonate: The Mischief Wars" comic started and I just dont' know how I'm going to go about doing the plot.

I've wrote 3 different concept plots. All I need is your opinons on them and which one you think is best. The them is the same as Mischief Knights. Dark humor, comedy with action, drama, and a compelling story.

D-Resonate: The Mischief Wars Prototype concepts:

Concept Idea 11: Dracula’s Castle, respected throughout the nation of Transylvania as the home of the country’s most beloved ruler. But beneath its heavenly veil lies an ominous secret, kept from the ears of the unsuspecting public. On this night, 8 young girls travel to this mansion of deception. Each to serve their own purpose. Each searching for something they’ve long desired…

For fame...
For answers…
For a beloved one…
for vengeance…
for knowledge…
for power…
for freedom…

Searching without fear of the truth, and driven by their own resolve alone. They each approach the castle, unaware of the horrors that lie beyond these gates.

Lead/Main Characters:
Sarina Phantom
Queenie Aroma
Valerie Gust
Siren Gale
Pandora Rox
Alexcia Rain
Xaniras Vandalia
Mika Stellar
Dash Stellar
Jack Lantern

Concept Idea 22: Sarina and Dash have been together for one year. Through thick and then, their relationship has survived many tests. Much to everyone’s (and by that we mean Queenie’s) disgust and surprise. That is until their worst nightmare was realized. In an elaborate trick, Lady Tsukuyomi, the Queen of the Kitsunes has slept with Dash! In a fit of rage and bent on revenge, Sarina launches and all out prank war against Tsukuyomi. But can she defeat her, a literal goddess of trickery and deception? Will Queenie help Sarina? And will Dash ever get over it? Not likely, they’re probably screwed, but let’s root for them anyway!

Main Characters:
Sarina Phantom
Queenie Aroma
Dash Stellar
Mika Stellar
Lady Tsukuyomi

Concept Idea 33: This Mischief Wars concept is merely a slight rewrite of my web novel “D-Universe, Dash Saga, Mischief Knights” in comic form. While it contains a slightly different set of events, the plot is still the same complete with its own unique story arcs. The cast is exactly the same save for a few exclusive villains and supporting characters.

Thank you for your help and I appologize if these aren't really enough to go on.

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