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Menarker is a splendid one to behold, except in the mornings. Menarker is a splendid one to behold, except in the mornings. Menarker is a splendid one to behold, except in the mornings.

Pierce decided to pipe up his suggestions for a battle plan.

"Alright, I think we should focus on disrupting Moera's PP, then. The sooner we can get Charlotte free to help us against the enemy, the better. And let's not be afraid to use the Wispiance. I wonder if there's maybe a way to keep the enemy from using it, I mean in the long term?" He wondered.

Renny responded quickly.

"Agreed. Although I'm not too worried about the Wispiance myself. Since the enemy probably doesn't know about it, it'll be probably be for the best that we don't use it until an emergency where our medic can't do the job. They already can heal and cure status effects with less effort."

Then Pierce lowered his voice, speaking into his Inquiry Visor for only everyone on his side to hear.
"By the way, that Shibito chick? See the necklace on her? That's Project Arsenal. The necklace turns her into a drone working for them. I thought that was Prideguard tech, but it looks like Black Cradle's got something to do with it. I'm trying to keep them from hearing because, you know, if we know something they don't know we know, regardless of what it is, it's probably prudent to keep it that way."

Renny was stunned as he whispered back.

"You're kidding me. A brainwashing slave collar? Can't we just remove it from her?"

Irene commented.
"My guess is that Burkmont and Moeni are in bed with each other," Irene said quietly after arriving on the battlefield with Impact. "But uhh...not in that way. And to think I used to respect that fat fuck."

"Those two again!? I know I only just met Moeni today, but it's like every time I hear something about one of those two, it is about how they came up with a new way to top each and every previous atrocity they committed before!

Meanwhile, he looked at the enemy formation for a bit and then shouted an order.

"Optikca, see if you can scan for Stratagem Shifts as you have said. Also, see if you can scan everyone for their total stamina. No need to get all their stats yet. Just get the health-meter up on display please!"

"First, let's deal with the shadow users! Donovan! Hyacinth! Pokebrid actions on Myrie. Catherine, play with Rulag for this battle. Don't let him, er... her focus on the rest of us!"

He then recounted the enemy forces and their resistances.

"Primary targets, snipers. Takano, you deal with those! I'll support you with rage rockets! Chizuru, support buffing! Shizuka, can you deal with the Asuras? They got lots of health but seem to be vulnerable to instant death techniques like yours! Someone see if you can help her power up! Everyone else, deal with the troopers or with those zombies when you get the chance. Leave the high threat stuff for later!"

He then looked at the data again and back on the team's combat profile... and blushed so much that his vital readings probably registered on the scouters.
"... On second thought, Slight change of plans! Rio! Kiyomi! Do that errr... thing! Focus it on that ninja, Shinobu! Chizuru, Sorry to jack your fight with your 'ultimate fated rival'. Instead, you'll just have to settle for having the "ultimate fated ally"."


Irene/Impact, Pierce/Shizuka, Donovan/Rio, Kiyomi, Chizuru, Hyacinth/Lucian (and Venusaur), Discord, Mika/Matthias, Pendulum, Catherine/Renny (and Umbreon)

Outside formation: Marionatta, Takano

Battle Plan
Battle Plan (Taking modified speed in account)

Before attacks: Donovan and Hyacinth both* attempt to Sleeps Myrie via pokebrid action. Renny attempt to afflict confusion on her via pokebrid action as well. Renny also uses trainer action to protect pokemon from various status affliction and multi-turn effects.
Modifiers: None. (Is it 50% chance of success for each or 100% chance?)

Priority: Optika: Scan only the hitpoint stats, but for all opponents. Also scan for viable Stratagem Shifts.
Modifier: 6 AP for Stratagem Shift scan. Dunno how much exactly for Hitpoints scan. Leave that to you AB.

Priority: Catherine: Sig-Tech on Rulag
And In This Corner: 8 Rage, 100 Phys/Fighting, Taunt, 100% Evade & Counter Tx3
10 rage - 8 = 2 rage remaining for Catherine. 2.0x STAB due to her immunity to fighting type moves.

Priority: Renny uses Protect! He is protected.
Modifier: Enforcer ability (Catherine) cuts AP cost in half! Protect only takes 3 AP out of the starting 18. Renny/Catherine AP = 15.

Priority: Renny's Umbreon uses Scapegoat on Donovan and passes it to Renny who is Protected. Umbreon gains Light Screen and Reflect buff for this turn only due to Renny's passive ability for summoning his pokemon.
Modifier: Umbreon's first move is discounted by half due to Catherine's enforcer ability! Renny/Catherine AP (15) - 2 = 13.

Takano: Aim for a snipers with Kill Shot. Smokebomb Arrow twice!
Modifer: 10 rage - 10 = 0 rage for Takano. Two Smokebomb arrows for 8 AP each = 16 AP. 18AP - 16 = 2 AP. FoW is 50%.

Shizuka: Applesauce once on a Cradle Asura for OHKO. Uses Cursed Edge (Ghost) twice on Clive.
Applesauce ~ 10 RPs, 100% Death, 50 Phys/Steel if enemy is Death Imm (Asura is NOT immune to OHKO moves)
10 rage - 10 = 0 rage left for Shizuka. Killed Asura means Shizuka gains 5 rage back due to her passive.
Cursed Edge used twice for 8 AP each is 16 AP out of 18 leaving 2 AP. No STAB but it's Super Effective for 2x modifier.

Rio/Kiyomi use "Inappropriate" centered on Shinobu to Dominate her. Attempts to flinch the others around her, which will likely work for her pokemon, but not for the other two targets.
Inappropriate ~ 16 RP, Rad1/5E, 100% Domination on Target, 100% Flinch on all others
Technique is done using Rio's speed.
Shinobu dominated (She's not immune to Domination techniques). Flinch the two pokemon beside her although the other two beside the pokemon won't be affected likely.
Rage cost is split evenly between Rio and Kiyomi, taking away 8 rage each from the 10 they both have.

Mika: Dominance (Psychic) on Cradle Trooper B twice.
Modifier: 1.5x STAB and 2.0x Super Effective. Two attacks worth 8 AP takes away 16 from her 18 AP. 2 AP left for Mika/Matthias

Kiyomi: attacks using Assassin Lunge (Ghost) twice against Clive.
(If Clive is KOed and she got attacks leftover, focus on Ursula with Poison Lance instead)
Modifier: 2.0x Super Effective either way, but no STAB either way.
8 AP used twice is 16 drained from her 18 AP, leaving 2.

Chizuru: Buff Shizuka/Donovan with X attack twice. Buff Hyacinth/Discord with X Special Attack once. X Speed on Renny/Catherine and Impact/Irene. Modifier: See modified stats list below for more details on results of buffs.
Chizuru items have splash effect.
Medics get discount on first two items. 2 + 2 + 4 + 4 + 4 = 16 AP out of 18, leaving 2 AP.

Renny: Rage Rockets on Takano twice.
Modifier: 13 AP - 8 AP (two items worth 4 AP each) = 5 AP left. Takano's rage is back up to 10 Rage.

Takano: KillShot the other sniper.
Modifier: 10 rage - 10 = 0 rage for Takano. (Again)

Donovan: Crunch three times on Clive. (Attacking Ursula if Clive is defeated by this point)
Modifier: 1.5x STAB, 2.0x Super Effective on Clive, 1.2x extra multiplier on Super Effective moves due to Expert Belt item. Three pokebrid attacks (6 * 3) = 18 AP spent leaving Donovan with 0 AP.

Hyacinth: Substitute and 2 Shell Smashes.
Modifier: Hyacinth's health cut down to 132 (unless she was hit prior to use), leaving her with a 44 hitpoint shield that protects her from attacks and status conditions.
See below for results of modified stats from Shell Smashes.
Please note her held items and Multiscale ability to prevent/reduce attacks sent her way, especially prior to Substitute use.
AP costs reduced due to her passives, making them 4 AP each. (3 * 4) = 12 AP that is deducted from her 18AP shared with herself and Lucian leaving them with 6 AP.

Lucian's Venusaur: Light Screen that AOE onto Irene and Shizuka's slot.
Modifier: 4 AP subtracted from Lucian/Hyacinth's 6AP pool leaves them with 2AP.

Impact: Rage Rocket Twice on Shizuka.
Modifier: Two items worth 4 AP each reduce Impact/Irene's AP pool by 8 leaving 10 AP left.
Shizuka's rage increases by 10 raising her amount from 5 to 15.

Shizuka: Applesauce again on the other Asura for OHKO.

Applesauce ~ 10 RPs, 100% Death, 50 Phys/Steel if enemy is Death Imm (Asura is NOT immune to OHKO moves)
10 rage - 10 = 0 rage left for Shizuka. Killed Asura means Shizuka gains 5 rage back due to her passive, leaving her with 10 rage still.

Shizuka/Pierce: Uses Union-tech "Apple Season" with Shizuka! Targets 3 of the following, choosing the ones with lowest hitpoints but still alive. (Cradle Troopers, Clive, Ursula. If all of those are dead, target Psyshades Donovan and Hyacinth, Sasuke and his pokemon.)
Modifier: Apple Season: Apples rain from the sky in front of three* unsuspecting enemies and Pierce and Shizuka split them all in a flurry* of strikes and impressive acrobatics, damaging the targets.
Effect: 40 Pwr, Almighty damage to three enemies, 50% chance of Internal Bleeding, 50% chance of Instant Death.
Consumes 18 Rage Points. (Consuming 9 from Pierce and Shizuka since they are both in formation). Leaving both Pierce and Shizuka with 1 rage left.

Discord: Dominmatrix Dance twice (Psychic) on Cradle Trooper A
Modifier: 1.5x STAB, 2.0x Super Effective, 1.5x modifier for Homocidal bonus against humanoids.
2 attacks worth 8 AP each = 16 AP deducted from her Shock Trooper AP pool. (Uncertain how large a pool ST starts with under our new rules and how much they gain per round compared to other characters)

Marionata: Uses Kinetic Lance once on both Cradle Troopers.
Kinetic Lance ~ 10 RP, 15 Spec/Psychic, 50% Confuse
2.0x Super Effective. 100% confusion assuming they live past this turn. All rage gained this turn for destroyer attacks are spent.

Pendulum: Attacking Cradle Trooper A with a super effective attack if possible and attacking as often as is AP can afford him to.
Modifier: Depends on what attacks he does.

(If anyone attacking cradle troopers kill their targets and have attacks left, they switch focus onto the other cradle trooper. If both troopers are dead and not revived yet, focus on Ursula with same attacks.)

Irene / Matthias: Neither do anything this turn, saving up AP and rage.

List of base stats, held items, abilities and typings.

List of character passives, items, typings and MISC

Renny Tresserhorn *Gallade Form*
Type: Psychic/Fighting
Ability: Steadfast
Held Items: Razor Claw and Scope Lens
Stats: HP 128 / Atk 12 / Def 8 / SpAtk 8 / SpDef 10 / Spd 11
- Pokemon summoned by him get LightScreen and Reflect for that turn.
- Extra Trainer Action (or can be used in same turn as pokebrid action)

Pierce Granger
Defenses: Dragon, Fighting, Steel
Equipped Weapons: Dragon, Fire, Ground
Held Items: Stamina Boost, Exponential Fury
Stats: HP 192 / Atk 12 / Def 8 / SpAtk 11 / SpDef 8 / Spd 12
-Defiance: Whenever Pierce or his pokemon reaches 1/3 of their HP, that one's damage increases by 25%. This boost is negated when their HP rises above 1/3.

Hyacinth *Cloyster Form*
Type: Water/Ice
Ability: Skill Link
- Insulated Armor (Electric -50%, Paralyze Immunity)
- Holy Talisman (Ghost -50%, Death Immunity)
- Thermal Underwear (Ice -50%, Freeze Immunity)
- Courage Emblem (Dragon -50%, SpDef Debuff Immunity)
- Water Armor (Water -50%, Sleep Immunity)
Held Items: Holy Guard, Divine Blessing
Stats: HP 128 / Atk 10 / Def 16 / SpAtk 10 / SpDef 8 / Spd 11
- Always affected by single single Rain Dance.
- Multiscale to all forms.
- Unparalleled Expertise: Hyacinth can raise or lower the BP of a move by 4 by raising/lowering the AP cost of that move by 1, up to 2 times per attack (BP change only applies to the first attack of a multi-hit attack).

Donovan *Sharpedo Form*
Type: Water/Dark
Ability: Speed Boost / Rough Skin
Defenses: Electric (Prlz Immunity), Ground(Spec. Acc Loss Immunity), Rock (Atk loss immunity)
Equipped Weapons: Electric, Psychic, Steel
Held Items: Expert Belt, Stamina Boost
Stats: HP 144 / Atk 14 / Def 5 / SpAtk 13 / SpDef 5 / Spd 12
- Pokeform types have status and statistic defenses depending on the type they are. A Poison type Pokemon is immune to Poison and Bad Poison status effects, for example. The best way to know what does what is to look at the special defenses of Slayer armor.
- All forms gain all of their possible abilities. Future forms get a second ability (within reason and theme).
- Base rage generation increased by 1.

Defenses: Dragon, Fighting, Steel
Equipped Weapons: Dragon, Fire, Ground
Held Item: Stamina Boost, Exponential Fury
Stats: HP: 160 / Atk 12 / Def 8 / Sp. Atk. 12 / Sp. Def 18 / Speed 10

Matthias *Porygon Z Form*
Type: Normal
Held Items: Brightpowder, Leftovers
HP 160 / Atk 11 / Def 19 / SpAtk 14 / SpDef 19 / Spd 11
- Compound-Eye shared with all forms.
- Base Rage generation is increased by 1.

Irene Crosswald (PATCA Chief / Shock Trooper / Warbringer)
- Defs...
1. Gd 50% ~ Normal, Steel, Fire, Poison, Ice, Ghost
2. Imm ~ Bleed, Poison, Frozen, Death, Apathy, Exhaustion, Morale
- Stats: HP 160 / Atk 15 / Def 14 / SpAtk 5 / SpDef 6 / Spd 10
1. Powerful Presence ~ AllStat +1 to A-Party
2. Bloody Vengeance ~ 100% Death Counter on Rcvd Crit, 50 Phys/Steel if Imm
3. Synergy of Sin ~ 70% Ax2, 40% Ax3 if Ax2 succeeds.

Shizuka Mizuno (Hell Samurai / Shock Trooper / Warbringer)
- Callsign: Arachne
- Defs...
1. Gd 50% ~ Normal, Steel
2. Gd 100% ~ Bug, Flying
3. Imm ~ Poison, Bleed
- Stats: HP 160 / Atk 11 / Def 14 / SpAtk 7 / SpDef 7 / Spd 11
- SignTechs...
3: Applesauce ~ 10 RPs, 100% Death, 50 Phys/Steel if enemy is Death Imm
- CharSkills...
1. Kimono Queen ~ +2 AllStat to allied Kimonos
2. Soul Feast ~ +5 RP when killing an enemy
3. Doting Mother ~ +3 AllStat to her children

Lucian Caprico (Vorpal Berserker / Shock Trooper / Warbringer)
- Callsign: Cerberus
- Defs...
1. Gd 50% ~ Normal, Steel, Rock, Fighting, Ground
2. Imm ~ Bleed, ATT Debuff, DEF Debuff, ACC Debuff
- Stats: HP 160 / Atk 13 / Def 11 / SpAtk 9 / SpDef 8 / Spd 9
- CharSkills...
1. Protector of Women ~ 50% Guard on female units, Dam -100%

Discord (Vorpal Dominatrix / Shock Trooper / Warbringer)
- Callsign: Venom
- Defs...
1. Gd 50% ~ Normal, Poison, Dark, Ghost, Steel, Psychic
2. Imm ~ Poison, Flinch, Death, Bleed, Confuse
- Stats: HP 160 / Atk 9 / Def 12 / SpAtk 11 / SpDef 5 / Spd 13
- CharSkills...
1. Homicidal ~ Damx1.5 to Humanoids

Chizuru Suzuki (Black Kimono / Medic / Warbringer)
- Callsign: Housewife
- Defs...
1. Gd 50% ~ Dark, Rock, Ground
2. Gd 100% ~ Normal
3. Imm ~ Flinch, Debuff
- Stats: HP 160 / Atk 8 / Def 15 / SpAtk 5 / SpDef 15 / Spd 7
- Character Skills...
1. Share Item ~ All items used by her affect two units
2. Sharp Eye ~ Generates a random item per turn

Takano Uchimura (Brown Kimono / Sniper / Slayer)
- Callsign: One Arrow
- Defs...
1. Eva 50%: AllType except Astral
CharSkill: People Kabobs - 50% Atks that damage gain 2E

Kiyomi (Blue Kimono / Engineer / Slayer)
- Callsign: Shoujo-ai
- Defs...
1. Gd 50% ~ Fire, Electric, Steel, Ground
2. Imm ~ Burn, Paralyze, Weather
- Stats: HP 160 / Atk 11 / Def 14 / SpAtk 6 / SpDef 11 / Spd 8
1. Inappropriate ~ 16 RP, Rad1/5E, 100% Domination on Target, 100% Flinch on all others
- CharSkills...
1. Scrap Scavenger ~ +4 Rage whenever Mechanical dies.

Mika Mutsumi (Infernal Sorceress / Enforcer / Slayer)
- Callsign: Sorceress X
- Defs...
1. Gd 50% ~ Fire, Ice, Electric, Poison, Water, Psychic, Ghost
- Stats: HP 160 / Atk 4 / Def 7 / SpAtk 15 / SpDef 15 / Spd 9
- ForceSkills...
1. Magical Afterbite ~ Status Counter 100%
2. Special Assault ~ SpAtk +2
3. Sublime Barrier ~ 50% Full S-Gd

Rio Ikage (She-Devil / Enforcer / Slayer)
- Callsign: Bible Black
- Defs...
1. Gd 50% ~ Fighting, Steel, Dark
2. Imm ~ Flinch, AttDown, SpdDown, Paralyze
- Stats: HP 160 / Atk 14 / Def 15 / SpAtk 5 / SpDef 7 / Spd 9
- UnionTechs
1. Inappropriate ~ 16 RP, Rad1/5E, Target Dominate 100%, Others Flinch 100%
- CharSkills
1. Wardrobe Malfunction ~ 20% Dominate upon contact, immune to Killshots
- ForceSkills
1. Ironheade ~ Steel Pwrx2
2. Pain Purpose ~ Atk +2
3. Deep Wounds ~ Crits also cause Bleeding

Catherine Shevenston (Boxing Babe / Enforcer / Slayer)
- Callsign: Ring Girl
- Defs...
1. Gd 50%: Ground, Rock, Steel, Ice
2. Gd 100%: Fighting
3. Imm: Exhaustion, Apathy, Sleep
- Stats: HP 160 / Atk 11 / Def 14 / SpAtk 6 / SpDef 9 / Spd 10
- CharSkills
1. Supreme Speed - Starts Order Phase at top regardless of Spd
- ForceSkills
1. Go!: First Atk costs half AP.
2. Move!: Speed Edge +1 or E Speed Edge -1
3. Get ‘Em!: Crit% increases by 5% for each point of Spd she has over her opponent.

Marionata (Psychic Ruin General / Destroyer)
- Callsign: Craniac
- Stats: Atk 15 / SpAtk 45 / Spd 12

(Lucian) Leader Venusaur (Grass / Poison)
- Stats: HP 72 / Atk 8 / Def 8 / SpAtk 10 / SpDef 10 / Spd 9
- Ability: Chlorophyll / Overgrow
- Item: Starf Berry
- Gender: Male

(Renny) Umbreon (Dark)
- Stats: HP: 88 / Atk 6 / Def 12 / SpAtk 6 / SpDef 13 / Spd 6
- Ability: Synchronized
- Item: Lum Berry
- Gender: Female

Baseline Stats for characters including Passives Boosts
Character Stats as modified by Passive bonuses

All character stats below are modified from their normal base to include Shizuka's and Irene's boosts wherever they apply.
Everyone by default gets +1 to all stats except for the Kimonos which get +3 to all stats unless Irene or Shizuka get KOed.

- Catherine (Renny): HP 160 / Atk 14 / Def 17 / SpAtk 9 / SpDef 12 / Spd 13 *PRIORITY*
*See below for modified stats*

- Takano (Sniper): HP 160 / Atk 22 / Def 16 / SpAtk 16 / SpDef 19 / Spd 22

- Shizuka (Pierce): HP 160 / Atk 20 / Def 23 / SpAtk 16 / SpDef 16 / Spd 20
*See below for modified stats*

- Rio (Donovan): HP 160 / Atk 23 / Def 24 / SpAtk 14 / SpDef 16 / Spd 18
(She has Attack of 29 with her enforcer ability. Thus her Attack stat is at +5)

- Mika (Matthias): HP 160 / Atk 13 / Def 16 / SpAtk 30 / SpDef 24 / Spd 18
(She has Sp.Atk of 30 courtesy of her enforcer ability. Special Attack stat is thus at +5)

- Kiyomi (Engineer): HP 160 / Atk 20 / Def 23 / SpAtk 15 / SpDef 20 / Spd 17

- Chizuru (Medic): HP 160 / Atk 17 / Def 24 / SpAtk 14 / SpDef 24 / Spd 16

- Discord (Shock Trooper): HP 160 / Atk 12 / Def 15 / SpAtk 14 / SpDef 8 / Spd 16
*See below for modified stats*

- Pierce (Main): HP 192 / Atk 15 / Def 11 / SpAtk 14 / SpDef 11 / Spd 15

- Donovan (Main): HP 144 / Atk 17 / Def 8 / SpAtk 16 / SpDef 8 / Spd 15
(Attack boosted to 23 due to Rio's enforcer ability. Thus his Attack stat is at +3)
(Sharpedo form)
*See below for altered stats at time of attack*

- Hyacinth (Main): HP 128 / Atk 13 / Def 19 / SpAtk 13 / SpDef 11 / Spd 14
(Cloyster form)
*See below for altered stats at time of attack*

- Marionata (Destroyer): Atk 15 / SpAtk 45 / Spd 12

- Renny (Main): HP 128 / Atk 15 / Def 11 / SpAtk 11 / SpDef 13 / Spd 14
*See below for altered stats at time of attack*

- Matthias (Main): HP 160 / Atk 14 / Def 12 / SpAtk 23 / SpDef 12 / Spd 14
(Special Attack boosted to 23 by Mika enforcer ability. His Special Attack stat is at +3)
(Porygon Z form)

- Impact: HP: 160 / Atk 15 / Def 11 / Sp. Atk. 15 / Sp. Def 11 / Speed 13
*See below for modified stats*

- Irene (Impact): - Stats: HP 160 / Atk 18 / Def 17 / SpAtk 8 / SpDef 9 / Spd 13
*See below for modified stats*

- Lucian (Hyacinth): HP 160 / Atk 16 / Def 14 / SpAtk 12 / SpDef 11 / Spd 12

(Lucian) Leader Venusaur (Grass / Poison)
- Stats: HP 72 / Atk 11 / Def 11 / SpAtk 13 / SpDef 13 / Spd 12

(Renny) Umbreon (Dark)
- Stats: HP: 88 / Atk 9 / Def 15 / SpAtk 9 / SpDef 16 / Spd 9

Stats that have been modified by items and moves
Stats after buffs that aren't Irene or Shizuka's buffs or passive buffs of enforcers:

Stats after boosts from items and techniques

- Renny (Main): HP 128 / Atk 15 / Def 11 / SpAtk 11 / SpDef 13 / Spd 17
(End result: Extra +1 Speed due to being buffed by Chizuru. His Speed stat is at +2 and everything else +1.)

- Shizuka (Pierce): HP 160 / Atk 26 / Def 23 / SpAtk 16 / SpDef 16 / Spd 20
(End Result: Her Attack stat boosted by Chizuru's two X Attacks making it +5 and everything else +3.)

- Donovan (Main): HP 144 / Atk 23 / Def 8 / SpAtk 16 / SpDef 8 / Spd 15
(End Result: His Attack stat boosted further by Chizuru's two X Attacks making it +3 and everything else +1)
(Extra Note: Due to Sharpedo's Speed Boost ability, Donovan's Speed stat will rise by +1 stage making it 18 speed at the end of the turn)

- Hyacinth (Main): HP 176 / Atk 15 / Def 13 / SpAtk 28 / SpDef 14 / Spd 15
(Two uses of Shell Smash, giving her -1 stage in both defense stats and +2 stages to both attack stats and in speed stat for a total of 2 stage loss in defenses and +4 stage boosts in offenses and speed stat. Chizuru boosts her Special Attack stat once more for stage.)
(End Result: Special Attack +6, Attack +5, Speed +5, Both defenses -1.)
* Protected by Substitute worth 44 hitpoints*

- Discord (Shock Trooper): HP 160 / Atk 12 / Def 15 / SpAtk 17 / SpDef 8 / Spd 16
(Boosted by Chizuru's X Special Attack making Special Attack at +2 stage and everything else +1.)

- Catherine (Renny): HP 160 / Atk 14 / Def 17 / SpAtk 9 / SpDef 12 / Spd 16 *PRIORITY*
(End Result: Boosted Speed by Chizuru's X Speed, making her Speed Stat +2 and everything else +1.)

- Impact: HP: 160 / Atk 15 / Def 11 / Sp. Atk. 15 / Sp. Def 11 / Speed 16
(End Result: Boosted Speed by Chizuru's X Speed, making his Speed Stat +2 and everything else +1.)

- Irene (Impact): - Stats: HP 160 / Atk 18 / Def 17 / SpAtk 8 / SpDef 9 / Spd 16
(End Result: Boosted Speed by Chizuru's X Speed, making her Speed Stat +2 and everything else +1.)

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GM's Notes: "Charlotte's dialogue hasn't quite been approved by BardTheFifthLightWarrior yet."

Clean Yourselves Up

The battle unfolded with some hurdles that Renny couldn't help but consider. When Shizuka dealt death to the Asura Echoes, they had fierce counterattacks that struck not only her, but all closeby units. Shizuka was on her last leg after absorbing so much damage. It was a lesson that Renny would have to consider later, that not every battle was best fought by dealing as much death as physically possible without seeing if maybe there was going to be a few tricks up the enemy's sleeves.

Still, the battle went incredibly well. It looked like Moera was having the worst headache one could possibly imagine from overstraining her mind, resurrecting all the slain units that Renny's nigh-infallible tactics had annihilated. Now all Renny would have to consider was how to best defeat all the other units when Charlotte was freed.

But then something terrible happened.

Charlotte was freed.

"I'm putting you down like the little bitch you've always been, Moera!" Charlotte shouted. She expertly elbowed Astarte in the face, sending the poor girl staggering to the ground. Then in a mad sprint, Charlotte picked up her shotgun from her twice-butchered mother and rushed Moera. This probably wasn't a huge deal, except that Moera had just released a massive sphere of psychic power in desperation to stop Charlotte from killing her once again.

And then everything was white...or black...or whatever color you people see when you're rendered unconscious.


Pierce was the first one whose senses were starting to come back to him.

- Shinobu's Voice: "Irene? You...protected me. Wait, what's up with your arm? And the rest of your body, for that matter?"
- Irene's Voice: "Later, Shinobu. Just get off your ass and help me find everyone."

Pierce then heard footsteps in the grass as someone approached his body and gently picked up his head.
- Irene's Voice: "Pierce, can you hear me? Hey, wake up for no mouth-love for you tonight."

The hell, you say!

When Pierce could finally open his eyes and mentally register what the hell he was looking at, Irene didn't seem to have anything unusual about her. What was Shinobu talking about? The others seemed to be coming through. "Beaufort's missing," Irene said as she helped Pierce to his feet and held his head to stifle his headache for a bit. "Moera's attack was devastating. It caused a good portion of the ground behind her position to sink down. Not that you can easily tell, what with all the dirt in the sky."

There actually wasn't a lot of evidence that suggested a fight had occured at all. A massive plume of dust obscured the gigantic hole. With Moera gone, the corpses she and were strewn about the wrecked battlefield. "Looks like the psychic shockwave also knocked Shinobu-chan out of her domination funk, but her brother's missing too, so I think we can count on her to help us search for everybody."

"Moera probably ran away, didn't she?" Lucian input while seeing if Hyacinth or any of the other girls needed assistance. "Most of the enemy were Black Cradle, so they probably fled when she did. That leaves us...what, Sasuke and that one girl who had Miss Beaufort hostage?"
Irene thought about it. "That sounds about right. Hmph, I hope Charlotte and Myrie are okay."

"Oh, I'm just fine."

The little Shadow Pokebrid daughter of Bretton Collings and Jeanette Ricewood was simply standing there, not really doing anything except holding her sharpened hoop weapon.
Irene walked over to Myrie, who made no move to attack or flee. "Should I call your mother over here or do you plan on fleeing?" Irene asked the little girl.
"Ugh, I don't know if I want to deal with my mom right now," Myrie sounded afraid. "But yes, I guess go ahead and call her over so we can get that part over with. I'll need time to convince of what I'm going to want to do, anyways."
"I see. Well, what happened to that Pokemon you were with?"
"She'll probably be by Nosferatu until she's needed again."

Irene ordered a search for those who were in any condition to conduct a search in order to locate Charlotte, Astarte and Sasuke. She also instructed everyone on how to use the Inquiry Visor's visualization functions which would provide a polygon-based map that would help them see where the hell they were going when all they could see with their normal vision was just thick airborne dust. The use of defog didn't exactly help matters. There was just so much dust and defog only seemed to kick up even more debris.
"Remember, we're not out of danger yet," Irene advised. "There are probably still some Harbinger cultists, Black Cradle troopers and Team Rocket agents loose in the area, so heal yourselves up before you head out and make sure to travel in pairs. If you encounter any, try to subdue them but not if it puts your lives in danger. I don't wanna lose anyone else today."


Beaufort Born Again

The first thing Charlotte saw when she opened her eyes was a really pretty face. A really pretty face that didn't have the mark her elbow put on it just several minutes ago.

"Oh good, you're conscious," Astarte said with relief. "I was hoping that you were able to be reanimated, and I was also hoping I didn't waste all that vitae on you."

Charlotte reached for a shotgun that she no longer had or could grab for. Astarte sighed. "I'll give you your gun back in a second. First, I think you should have a look at your body."
"What the fuck're you-" Charlotte froze when she instinctively followed Astarte's suggestion.

There was no way she was supposed to be alive after checking out her ravaged body. Deep wounds, broken bones, turn muscles, massive blood loss...and yet none of it hurt. It also didn't seem to stop her from moving or even standing. "What the fuck just happened to me?"
"Well, to put it simply, you kinda died," Astarte said. "But after injecting enough vitae into you, your body was able to hold on to your soul."
"So, I'm dead but I'm not?" Charlotte asked her, then noticed something else. They were nowhere near the battlefield, and Phantomere was standing near Astarte. "Just what the fuck-"
"Astarte, could you go and retrieve her gun? I'll explain everything to her," Phantomere said with a polite gesture.
"As long as she doesn't shoot me when I get it to her," Astarte said and walked away.
"Talk to me, Phantomere," Charlotte demanded.

"Alright, well, let's see if I can possibly explain this," Phantomere scratched the back of his large perfectly spherical head. "Remember when you went for broke and tried to kill Moera when she lost control over you?"
Charlotte nodded.
"Well, she killed you instead. When Astarte found your body, I urged her to bring you as far away from the battlefield as I thought we would need in order to figure out what to do. Your body was trying to eject your soul and I was wasting away trying to keep it bound."
"You...tried to save me?" Charlotte asked him.
"We're in a symbiotic relationship, you and I," Phantomere said. "If your soul evacuates your corpse, then I'd be right behind you. I didn't want to die for real and I'm sure you don't plan on perishing until you've accomplished everything you really want to do, so I did what I could to keep you here. But in the end, it was Astarte who truely saved your life."
Charlotte frowned. "Remind me not to shoot her when I get my gun back...yet. So how did she save me, exactly?"
"Oh, it's very simple. As a surprisingly powered undead, she transferred some of her captured vitae into your body."
A brief moment passed. "Is that a euphemism or-?"

Astarte returned not only with Charlotte's shotgun in hand but another person, one that Charlotte didn't see in the fight. The woman had long black hair, gold eyes, and clothes that you'd see on just about any street in Fainas. But most notable of all, she had wings. Large blood red angel wings.
Before Charlotte could say anything, Astarte handed Charlotte her shotgun. "Charlotte, this is Crow. Crow, this is Charlotte. Hope you'll be pals but right now, it's fightin' time."
"I thought you didn't want me to shoot you?" Charlotte said, checking her gun to make sure it could fire. It was caked in dirt but otherwise it looked serviceable.
"Not us," Astarte said, then pointed towards four men, two in Harbinger attire and two in those ridiculous outfits worn by Team Rocket, running towards them. "Them."
"I don't think I'm in any condition to fight," Charlotte said.
"Don't worry, you're fine," Astarte said. "And you'll feel loads better very shortly, I assure you."

"That's the bitch!" one of the Harbingers yelled. "She killed our priest and your chief."
"What about the other two girls?" a Team Rocket member called.
"Who cares, fuck 'em!"
"Their minds are quite small," Phantomere observed. "They can't even see me like you three can. I'll just return to Charlotte now. I can't do anything in this fight until she acquires more vitae."
"There's that damn word again," Charlotte said. "Just what the hell is vitae?"
"I'll tell you all about it later," Astarte said. "But for now, I'll just quickly show you what it is as we put these guys down."

When the enemies got in range, Crow produced two beams of blood red light that started at her elbows and extended a few feet beyond her hands. Astarte's bindings seemed to move on their own, forming two long drills that began at her hands and were as long as Crow's lightsaber-esque swords.
"Let's focus on one at a time and take 'em out quickly so Charlotte can heal herself," Astarte ordered.
"Right," Crow said.

After a quick exchange of 'pleasantries', Charlotte noticed something unusual about the corpse they just made of a Rocket operative.
"There's some kind of weird green shit fuming off that dead body," Charlotte observed to the others.
"That's the vitae!" Astarte said enthusiastically. "Praise Ra that you can see it. Go ahead and suck it down, Charlotte."
" what, now?"
"You can inhale that green stuff all the way from where you stand. Just give it a shot."
Charlotte thought Astarte was full of shit, but gave it a shot regardless and found that it was incredibly easy to do. And holy shit, did she feel amazing when the vitae entered her body! Her numerous wounds healed almost instantly and with no pain at all.
"Vitae is fucking awesome!" Charlotte shouted. "I've never felt this powerful before!"
"Good! Go ahead and inhale the vitae from the other bodies as we kill the rest of them."
"Shit, ain't gotta tell me twice."
"Just what the hell happened to that woman?!" the remaining Team Rocket cried. "All those wounds she had are gone! Instantly!"

A few more minutes passed and Charlotte had never been exposed to such bliss. Not even orgasms could match this feeling.
"So do you feel now?" Astarte asked her suddenly after the fighting had ended.
"This isn't too bad at all," Charlotte downplayed her euphoria. "Anyways, you were going to explain this to me?"
"Oh, right. Now, picture this; your soul is a boat and your body is a pier. Oh, and the ocean represents whatever you people have as an afterlife. Now, if your soul isn't moored to your body, then it's just going to drift on out to your afterlife."
"I get it now," Charlotte interrupted her. "The vitae is the mooring lines that keep my soul bound to my body."
"You got it," Astarte said. "When a living thing dies, you'll see the vitae bleeding right off the body as the soul is released. What you did was consume the vitae for yourself. It'll keep death off your ass and, as you consume massive amounts of vitae, unlock otherworldly powers that you can command."
"You mean that drill shit you were doing in the fight?"
"Explaining that part is where I'm afraid I cannot help you," Astarte apologized. "Different undead gain different powers. Some undead gain psychic powers like telekinesis, some undead can reanimate the dead and command them, and some like me can enchant my mummy wrappings to form drills and other weapons. I'm not a very experienced undead myself, so I can't really tell what powers a different undead will actually get."

Charlotte looked thoughtful for a moment, then started to walk away. "Wait, where're you going?" Astarte called after her.
"Where the hell do you think, bondage girl? I'm off to gather more vitae."
"Suicidal," Crow said.
"Yeah, wait up," Astarte said, hurrying to rejoin Charlotte. "Look, I know you probably feel strong enough to crush a skyscraper between your thighs, but all you've got right now is a little power and massive vitae high. You're not nearly as powerful as you think you are. Why don't you just return to those guys you're with?"
"I can't go back to PATCA like this," Charlotte said. "Besides, I'm an undead now. I have the ability to gain all this power on my own and kill whoever I fucking want to without having to wait for it to be a part of a mission. Besides, my Pokemon still need healing."

Phantomere decided to reappear before Charlotte. "That doesn't mean we should make a beeline for the Wingswept Desert where the Prideguard HQ is located," he countered. "If we're not going back to PATCA, fine, that's probably for the best. But we're not ready to take on Burkmont without them, either. I mean, you did just die."
Charlotte gave him a cold look. "Remember, if you die again, I die for real. And you'll probably never believe this, but I plan to repay you for not killing me. So, please, let's not be is a hurry to invade military bases. Just like Confucius says, 'Woman who leaves laundry detergent on top shelf will jump for Joy.'"
Charlotte's gaze didn't change. "I mean, 'The cautious seldom err.' Just don't mistake the power of vitae for invincibility. I'm certain you would rather achieve everything you want instead of getting so far only to fail just before you reach your goal. This is a great opportunity for you, Charlotte. Please do not squander it."

She finally stopped to think. "Astarte, what are you and Crow going to do from now on?"
"Well, I'm not getting any money for that job so I'm still broke 'n' stuff. And Crow's not really doing anything, either."
Charlotte sighed. "Then could I ask you to come with me?"
"You might not be the smartest undead, but when it comes to understanding vitae, you and Phantomere are all I've got. That big fuck's right in that without PATCA, I just can't afford to fuck up this time. So, could you come with me?"
"Sure thing, I have nothing else to do," Astarte said, then turned to Crow. "How about you, Crow?"
"Together," Crow said, joining the two undead girls.
"Our only problem right now is transportation," Charlotte noted. "I'm sure we'll be spotted if we try to steal a police cruiser or something."

"If that's your only problem, then we don't have any problems," Astarte said, then gestured to Crow. Crow spread her big beautiful wings.
"This is already starting to pay off," Charlotte said, then pointed in the general direction of Fainas Metropolis. "That way."

GM Notes: "I'll be working on Impact's PMs and might still do an update post tomorrow or something. Let me know, in the theatre thread or by PM, if you have something you wanna do before you're all returned to PATCA HQ, where we will introduce Opticka and Amelia."
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As the battle progessed, Renny watched with increasing anxiety from all the punishment that Shizuka took from the Asuras. She soldiered on successfully but...

"I'm sorry about those counterattack Shizuka! We'll try to get you patched at the earliest opportunity!"

But he needn't have worried. The overwhelming simultaneous mental pressure that Moera forced on herself with mass ressurrection caused her to drop the ball on keeping Charlotte restrained and before he or the rest of the PATCA squads could react to this turn of events, the battle was over in one explosion of mass devastation.

Renny woke up after a short while as he tried to reorient himself to the situation as it was. He was only mildly surprised that Myrie had shook off the double sleep and the confusion sent her way during that incredibly quick short battle, although he reasoned that the force of the detonation might have snapped her back to attention. They couldn't have all be out for too long, or everyone who escaped would have just taken the time to finish the job while everyone was unconscious.

As Irene gave the orders to search for Astarte, Sasuke and Charlotte in two person teams, Renny headed over to Catherine, who earlier was fighting evasively within the enemy ranks baiting Rulag's combative efforts and was probably closer to the blast than most of the PATCA group. Thankfully though, Charlotte and Rulag was on opposite sides of Moera so whatever damage taken was very indirect at best.

"Catherine? Are you alright? I'm here, the battle is over... uh, give me a moment!"

He readied some of the unused healing items from that rather short battle. Approaching her prone body, Renny reached one arm around her back tucked under her right armpit, leaning her back into a sitting upright position against his chest for support as he sprayed the restorative spray onto her limbs and rubbed the limbs soothingly, wrapping his finger and palm all around her hands, arms and legs to spread the medicine until he could bring her around to attention.


Shortly after Catherine recovers enough to move on her own, Renny continues to walk along with her as part of the two person teams as they search for the three targets that Irene told them to look for. But the Sortie Coordinator came across a 4th target.

"Hey, it's that Wispiance from before! I think Pendulum wanted to examine this pokemon to find out more about the Fiend types or something!"

The Gallade pokebrid did a few Sword Dances to prep up. Then he quickly used a partial dose of his revive item on Wispiance before he used Mean Look and False Swipe on the pokemon in quick succession preventing it from fleeing and reducing it to a single hitpoint before he captured it in the pokeball which disappeared into his PC box from having too many pokemon.

He then reported quickly on the scouter.
"Pendulum, I'm attempting to capture the fiend type Wispiance pokemon from earlier. I'll pass it to you or Professor Ricewood later for the purpose of looking into the details of Fiend type pokemon if I succeed."

*Some time later, after the point where we either find Sasuke or give up on finding him*

"... So we retrieved Sam and Myrie, but Moeni got away with much of her crew, Harliette is in serious condition... and I don't see Charlotte anywhere."

The failures and costs of the mission left the mission victory taste a little bitter. That, the entire encounter with Moeni and the revelation of the slave-collar technology from the Prideguard weighed heavily on his mind. But the mission still bore some unexpected fruit, which Renny tried to savor as the entire PATCA squad eventually filed into the Rig to head back to PATCA HQ.

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Renny: "I'm sorry about those counterattack Shizuka! We'll try to get you patched at the earliest opportunity!"

"Eh, I've had worse," Shizuka said. "I have to say those creatures were considerably powerful, though. If I was using a normal blade, it would've snapped clean off after that much action."

When Renny began to provide his own brand of healing care on Catherine, she did her best to point out where she could use his touch the most...although in certain cases...

"Don't worry, I don't mind at all if you touch me there," Catherine cooed. "In fact, I would say you should just focus your full attention on it."

Most of the other Watchmen had their visions conveniently turned elsewhere, though one would suspect this was on purpose.


Renny discovered that trying to attack and capture Wispiance was extremely tricky. The swarm of strange lights didn't respond at all as Renny amassed his power or when he used Mean Look, and all that False Swipe accomplished was that Wispiance healed him.

Capturing it seemed to be damn near impossible, too. Renny observed that Wispiance was more or less a innumerable collection on intangible creatures. They didn't really move away from the space they were circling around, and Renny could even walk right into the swarm without suffering any kind of attack.

Pendulum joined him and Catherine. "Wispiance is something that Irene knows quite well. They've shown up more than any other Fiend. I honestly don't think they even have the numerical representation for their health. They're either just here or gone."

"I wish we could take them home," Catherine observed. "They could make for some really romantic lighting, although I'm not sure they wouldn't clash with the feng shui of the apartment."


It was about this time that the Rig showed up with several police force escorts in tow. The first feet to touch the ground was Jeanette.

"Brace for impact," Irene told Myrie.
"I can't attack her, can I?" Myrie sounded very afraid.

Jeanette cleared the distance between Rig and daughter in just seconds, and Myrie's face disappeared into her mother's chest.
"Don't suffocate her," Irene cautioned the professor. "You just got her back."

"My god, sweetie. Just what did those Black Cradle bastards do to you?" Jeanette said with tears in her eyes.
Myrie tilted her head in confusion. "They didn't do anything to me. Nosferatu did. He made me into an agent of justice! Shadow justice!"
Jeanette blinked, then her head hung. "Let me guess. You actually think this is a good thing, don't you?"
Myrie stepped back and did an adorable little twirl. "Aren't I so cool?! Just like those superheroes in the movies!"

Jeanette wiped her eyes and stood back up. "While I'm very glad you haven't been hurt or anything, I'm still going to have a long talk with Nosferatu."
"You're not more concerned about your daughter?" Irene asked.
"Well, Myrie says that Black Cradle didn't do anything to her, and I don't think Nosferatu is a bad Pokemon. While I can't exactly approve of any of this, especially with her having that hoop weapon, there's almost nothing I can do."

"Ummm...actually, mom, that's not all," Myrie said, poking her index fingers together. " uhh...wants me to join with Auntie Irene."
"You'd think Nosferatu could've rid her of her compulsion to call me that," Irene sighed.
Jeanette was instantly taken aback. "Join PATCA?! Absolutely not, I forbid it!"
"But mom, the fate of the world could depend on me!" Myrie said. "I'm a Pok-ee-brid now and I know how to use this weapon! And besides, you're in PATCA too! You never really had a lot of time for me before this, but if we're both agents-!"
"Don't worry, mom, I promise I won't do anything stupid!" Myrie begged her. "And if you don't let me, I'll...I'll steal your boyfriend!"

Can we not have one conversation that doesn't get really awkward? Just one?

Jeanette stared at her daughter for several seconds, then gave up and slumped forward. "Fine."

Wait, that actually worked?!

"If I'm going to rid you of that Shadow Pokemon DNA inside your body, I would probably have to take you to Nosferatu anyways. You can come with us at least that far."
Myrie jumped up and down in excitement. "Yay, I knew you were the perfect mommy! That's what I always tell my friends!"
And then Myrie hugged her mother tightly, the final nail in the coffin that significed Jeanette's utter defeat. Talk about being controlled by your children.

[The Shadow Pokebrid Myrie Ricewood has joined the Watchmen!]

"I'm an Army of One (Pokebrid and Slayer mix) class that specializes in screwing up the enemies' rage abilities," Myrie told Renny later. "This will probably make me really strong against living beings, but not so much against machines."

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After the explosion, Pierce wasn't exactly sure where he was or what was going on. His mind felt dull and sore, just like the rest of him, so he just lay wherever he was trying to remember how to open his eyes and trying to process all the things he was hearing and feeling.

Irene and Shinobu talking about... Irene's arm? Was she hurt?

"Pierce, can you hear me? Hey, wake up for no mouth-love for you tonight." Said the voice of a person that was cradling his head, which prompted him to open his eyes and groan. "Hey..." He smiled with relief, since Irene looked perfectly fine.

When Irene helped him up and explained the situation, Pierce was all but slumped against her. She was one of the few people he trusted enough to show his weakness to. He was glad to see Myrie was safe, and decided to stand by Jeanette when she showed up to talk to her daughter. He also made a mental note to inspect Irene's arm later and ask her about it.

In the meantime, it was time to stop enjoying being pressed to Irene's body and start looking for people. He was feeling better now, at least his head stopped throbbing. He released his Pokemon and gave them some quick orders. Metagross and Enmakki would use Psychic to push some of the fog upward, with Aria using Defog to help as well. Pushing the smoke up should help visibility for PATCA members to search on the ground for whoever needed to be found. Blaziken, Adamantitar and Dialga would work together to track down PATCA members and take out any remaining hostiles.

Pierce set off to search on his own, until eventually he found Shizuka and Chizuru, and knelt beside them. "Hey, you two okay? ... Shizuka?" He had to admit he was worried for her, after those counterattacks she took and then the explosion, even though she was probably fine it was still more hurt than she deserved. "That was some nasty damage to take so close together. Think you can let me give you a full body massage when we get back to the city? And afterward we can go out and give the police a hand with taking out criminals in Fainas." He suggested with a smirk. He wanted to treat Shizuka well, even if he had to bribe her into it.


When Jeanette arrived, Pierce had already finished checking up on Chizuru and Shizuka and had been hanging around with Irene and Myrie.

As mother and daughter had their tearful reunion, he was surprised about Myrie's lighter attitude compared to the other times he'd seen her. Sidestepping the comment about stealing him, he placed a reassuring hand on Jeanette's shoulder. "I know it's not ideal, but if she's with PATCA you can keep an eye on her, not to mention everyone else, and be positive influences. It's better than leaving her alone with just Nosferatu to talk to, don't you think?"
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Shizuka gave Pierce a long stare, then chuckled and looked at Chizuru. "See? This is why I like this guy. He's just a big, lovable dork."

Was she complimenting him or-?

Pierce observed that Shizuka's wounds were already out of the danger zone, attributed to her demonic blood. She stood up without needing assistance. "This isn't nearly the worst battle I've ever fought, but you're still really sweet to show concern for a woman like me. Thank you, Pierce." I'm more concerned about Harliette-san. The human body isn't built for unleashing such power without any problems. If all she suffers is a mild coma, then she has the devil's luck indeed."


"Well, excuse me for worrying about my daughter when she winds up nearly fully incased in black armor and toting around a dangerous weapon," Jeanette said with an exagerrated and playful huff that was just adorable. "Anyways, I guess I really can't do anything until I talk to Nosferatu. Though I'm not sure that giant deathmetal crab will be all that helpful."


Even More Beautiful Girls Join the Party...

There was quite the commotion just outside the PATCA HQ when the Rig showed up. "I'll check it out. This had better be damn important," Irene said.

What probably freaked some of you out was that the crowd was mostly consisting of the media, and Irene intended to sort out this mess by drawing her swords.

"All right, people, piss off somewhere," Irene called out as she deployed Balor and Unownaut, her two favorite intimidators. "I'm sure you all know that it's illegal for any members of the media, including freelance reporters, to be this close to the PATCA building. Now get lost."

One of the women, Jonessa, broke out of the crowd to approach Irene. "It's big news, Irene! Really big news!"
"Okay, big news, yeah, what-fucking-ever."
"No, I'm serious! The legendary Pokemon from the Jurich region, Belzybrand, has finally arrived in Honmyr! It's the only legendary Pokemon that wasn't here until now."
Irene grinned. "Looks like she made it."

Before Jonessa could ask what was going on, Irene tilted her head gently towards Balor. "Exodus Breath, wide dispersal, if you would be so kind."
Balor inhaled deeply, and then blasted a massive dark violet miasma towards the gathered crowd. That did the trick. Jonessa, who wasn't in the path of the attack, simply stood there as Irene strolled right through the miasma to meet with the two ravishing young girls standing near the main door.

"It sure took you long enough," the raven-haired beauty told Irene as the veteran soldier approached here. "I was about to have Belzybrand attack them myself."
Irene sighed. "Don't you think you could've been a little more discreet?" Irene asked her. "The science community is going to explode with news of Belzybrand's appearance in Honmyr, Daisy. Anyways, come inside, and bring that blonde girl biologically fused with your arm and looking like she's about to lose all bladder control."

Irene, Daisy, and the young blonde girl decided to simply chillax in the cafeteria.
"I'm still surprised you managed to defeat your mother," Irene said. After a satisfying meal, the blonde girl, who Daisy introduced as Bianca, didn't seem so incredibly fearful of Irene or the situation that surrounded her.
"Yeah, about that, we were fighting inside the summit of Mt. Sugaroma and she was about to defeat me, but then something happened to my arms and I think it's the kind of thing I should talk to you about in private," Daisy said.
Irene frowned. "Well, then. I think I know why Yuzuru allowed you to leave. Try as she might, she's no more able to evade her destiny than I am. But before that, let us do something about her."

Irene moved around Daisy and with some effort managed to seize Bianca's hand, frightening the girl back into a babbling stupor. "I'm sure your friend Daisy has told you entirely too many scary stories about me and the things I've done and I just want to say that, true as those stories most likely are, I'm a very nice person who wouldn't hurt someone like you."
Bianca paused for a long time, but then managed to look up to Irene. "Do you promise?"
Irene smiled one of her most disarming smiles ever. "Cross my heart and hope to trade Balor for a level 1 Magikarp."
Bianca managed to smile back. Irene released Bianca's hand and looked at Daisy. "How did you manage to bring this girl with you?"
"Actually, ever since being absorbed into the kind of life I live, she was too afraid to leave my side," Daisy said. "Between my guns, my Pokemon, and my attitude, she probably didn't feel safe anywhere else in Jurich. And I'm sure this goes double for Honmyr."

"But isn't she going to have to let you go at some point?" Irene asked, more for Bianca's benefit than Daisy. "I mean, you're obviously going to join PATCA and nothing I say is going to change that, eh?"
"Naturally. I think I can learn more about what happened to me that way while Javier is trying to find a place for him and I here in Fainas."
"Then obviously Bianca will have to manage on her own once you do. I don't think she's the type who would want to fight highly dangerous terrorists."
"Eh, of course she will."

Bianca was silent while Daisy started to explain how useful Bianca actually was. "Besides, I can look after her, and I really think all this PATCA stuff will be a good while not altogether wholesome experience for her. She's been absolutely sheltered in the Unova region and I think she could really use this. She's really got a lotta potential besides her bustline, and I think she'll surprise all of us on the battlefield, but probably not so much as she'll surprise herself."
"Well, I can agree with that, but that's really kind of her call," Irene said gently.
Irene looked at Bianca. Daisy looked at Bianca. The camera very slowly zoomed in on Bianca. And finally, Bianca managed a really small nod. "I...I want to try."
"Told ya," Daisy said.
"You really need to stop turning girls into your bitches," Irene reprimanded her niece, then took Bianca's hand again. "I just want to say that I admire your courage and willpower, and I will always try to be available to you whenever you feel like getting something off your chest, Miss Bianca."
"Like your bra," Daisy chuckled.
Irene ignored that. "And I'd also like you to know that you should not feel pressured in the slightest to remain with PATCA or to quit. Just like how there are people who don't like Miltank ice cream, PATCA is not the kind of thing for just anyone. So I want you to feel comfortable here and, hey, there're plenty of fellow women just like you that you can probably talk to and who would like to meet you...except for Discord. She's a bitch."
Bianca's beautiful green eyes met the red and blue eyes of Irene and the young Pokemon trainer managed a lovely smile.

Irene then slowly backed away. "Once Bianca feels comfortable here, Daisy, I'd like to have you come to my office. I'll let Daphne know to approve you for access. As for me, I'm just going to get out of here before I lose my composure and glomp Bianca to the floor. If you'll excuse me."


Renny's Harem Minus One...

"Sh'ain't back yet, shurry."

Milsha's folksy statement wasn't alien to Renny. He knew exactly what she was talking about.

Ever since their return to Fainas Metropolis, Harliette was confined to a hospital bed and Lola insisted that she wasn't leaving Harliette's side until her sadistic half-sister's condition improved. Harliette wasn't in any kind of physical danger. She was just comatose, expected to wake up at any time. And maybe Lola intended to possibly learn something about what Moeni may have done to Lola's own body.

Whitney and Catherine were both in the kitchen, apparently going back and forth about how specific sides for dinner should be prepared.
"If you don't cut the carrots thin like this, they won't cook as quickly or evenly," Catherine suggested.
"My brother always preferred the carrots just be submerged in cooking grease," Whitney offered. "He liked 'em in baby cuts drowned in grease. In fac, he liked all his vegetables that way. I have no clue why he didn't end up fat."

The apartment didn't lose much of its liveliness. Whitney started to hang out here more since Lola was gone. When she wasn't around, she lived in the rural area to the far south, a very small house she used to share with her brother Wyatt. According to Whitney herself, she sort of stopped living there after his death and started embracing nature more, camping and whatnot, although she still paid the bills on that house. Even a small house like hers can feel too empty when you're all alone. She and Catherine had gotten along very well as of late, owing perhaps to their shared tragic experiences of losing loved ones.

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Menarker is a splendid one to behold, except in the mornings. Menarker is a splendid one to behold, except in the mornings. Menarker is a splendid one to behold, except in the mornings.

"Sh'ain't back yet, shurry."

The accent was only mildly obscure for a brief moment, but being around with Milsha long enough as a room-mate, Renny was quick to grasp what she was saying.

"Yeah, I can understand why. I was there for almost the entire time it went down and the situation looked like quite a mess physically and mentally. But thanks for letting me know Milsha. I'll give her a call quickly before I come back to help in the kitchen, ok? I'm thinking of heating up a loaf of garlic bread for all of us with some gravy on the side for dipping."

He smiled toward Milsha for a second before he stepped into his room as he pressed a few buttons on the Inquiry Visor, dialing up Lola's number, ready to leave a message in case Lola couldn't pick up the call directly in the hospital wards.

*General gist of message. Lola may or may not have picked up the call*

"Hey Lola, it's me, Renny. I hope everything is proceeding smoothly. If you ever need me to run an errand or stop by for something, just give me a call and I'll come by as soon as I can make it. Otherwise, feel free to take all the time you need. I wish the best of health for the both of you."

As Renny hung up, he privately mused to himself that even if Harliette was conscious, she probably wouldn't have wanted to see his face (or that she would gave said face a mighty blow if she showed up to visit) after how he indirectly interrupted her ill prepared death-match with Moeni, even if it was with the best of intentions to preserve her own life. But he didn't see the need to mention that to Lola.

He stepped back into the den of the apartment and made his way toward the kitchen where the two unexpected but entirely welcome guests, Catherine and Whitney, stood preparing dinner. Even with Lola temporarily gone, the apartment had gotten even livelier than before. Reaching into the freezer, he pulled out a wide loaf of garlic bread in silverish wrapping. He set the oven to pre-heat as he left the loaf to thaw out a little. He pulled out a saucepan and stirred in water and a little butter with the gravy powder on top of the stove which gradually turned a dark brown sauce with a thick smoky flavor not completely unlike barbecue sauce. Just the thing to go with meat or bread toasted to a fine crisp. The garlic bread got popped in the open part-way during the procedure. Now all that really remained was a little waiting.

"Oh, those carrots are looking great."
Uncharacteristically, he mischievously snatched a small chunk with a fork and dunked it into the just finished gravy sauce, sampling the bit early on. Feeling the soft carrots slide down his throat like cream and smolder with gentle warmth inside, he stabbed another two carrot chunks, dipping them slightly into the sauce and dabbed the forks toward Whitney and Catherine's lips, tempting them with their tenderness.

"I think we're all going to bed with a very happy belly." His expression was of complete elation, completely eager for dinner to start once all the food was made.
"Its great we could all get together to have a relaxing evening. These days, its almost like there is no such thing as a simple or easy mission."
The previous two missions had been fraught with several revelations which were hard to accept, in addition to all the close calls combat wise. Fortunately, Catherine's help in the most recent one and Whitney's help during the beach mission prior to that one made the burden much easier to to bear.

He then asked, to no one in particular, letting either Milsha, Whitney or Catherine chime in.
"I noticed that the PATCA beach photoshoot pictures had been completed. Did you all like how your photos came out?"
He said this as candidly as he could possibly manage... although deep down it was a personally arousing sight. He had already received "autographed" photos of Liz and Leprihare not too long after the shoot itself. In response to that, he had ordered a copy of the entire PATCA swimsuit catalogue (sans the ones he already received) some time prior to the previous mission... for the good memories.

*A little bit later, possibly when they are all eating at the dinner table*

"Whitney, I was wondering if in a week or so, if you could please help guild me on my combat training. Catherine, Milsha, and Bretton have all helped me out so far in refining my combat style. Bretton in particular suggested that I might be able to go a bit further if I was able to channel my form's psychic capabilities into my entire movement and attack patterns instead of only using it when I specifically perform psychic attacks. He then said that you might have some insight on the matter."

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Charlotte at the Pokemon Center...

"There certainly are a lot of eyes on us," Astarte commented as Charlotte returned from having her Pokemon fully restored. Considering that all of her Pokemon were high level and all were reduced to zero health, the nurse handling her Pokemon had a question or two for her, but Charlotte used her typical answer of 'just heal my goddamned Pokemon already' whenever dealing with the nurses.
"It's probably you two freaks," Charlotte deadpanned. "One woman in bandages and one with blood red wings. Yeah, that surely won't draw any attention."

Charlotte had to admit, Astarte was right about the vitae high. Once it drained out of her mind like so much adrenaline, Charlotte felt surprisingly normal. And speaking of vitae. "Well, since my Pokemon have been restored for the next fight, can I hear more about vitae?"
"I kind of did tell you everything you need to know and that I do know," Astarte said. "I don't suppose you mean the technical aspects? 'Cause I guess you could use that information."

Astarte looked thoughtful for a second, then cleared her throat and began. "Okay, so you have three values for VP, or Vitae Points. You have your current reservoir of VP, your maximum capacity of VP, and...well, something like a VP Seal."

"Now, your VP Seal works like this: as you continue to consume vitae from your victims, you accumulate more and more VP and once that VP equals the VP Seal's value, you grow in true power as an undead."
"I'm assuming my VP maximum is less than my VP Seal, right? So how could my VP ever reach the same value as the seal?"
"The VP value doesn't go down, even if you spend your VP."
"Wait, what?"
Astarte frowned, but mostly to herself. "Damn it, this really isn't easy to explain. Oh, hey, I think I got it. Are you a fan of role-playing games?"
"We're in a role-playing game," Charlotte retorted.
"Alrighty then, Miss Self Awareness," Astarte apologized. "Then think of it like this: when you consume VP from the opponent, it applies VP to you to use as fuel for your powers and stuff like that, but it also adds to the VP that is actually EXP. In other words, vitae will charge your powers and level you up when you consume enough. And it always charges, even if you're already maxed out your VP."

Charlotte nodded several times as it came together in her mind. "So, let's assume I drain some vitae of someone I've killed. That amount of vitae is...oh, thirty, I guess. My VPMax is 100 and my VPSeal is 1000. So, when I do consume that vitae, I have 30/100 VP and 30/1000 VPSeal. But if I use 15 VP, I end up with 15/100 VP yet still have 30/1000 VPSeal?"
Astarte spared a glance at Crow. "I'm telling you, she's fucking brilliant." The she looked at Charlotte again. "That's absolutely correct, Charlotte. Once you hit that VPSeal, you 'rank up' as whatever type of undead you turned out to be. Phantomere says you're a lich, which is basically like a necromancer who is herself a powerful undead. I wouldn't be surprised if you surpass me."
"Limitations," Crow said simply.
"What do you mean?" Astarte asked.
"Nonliving," Crow continued.
"That's one annoying character quirk," Charlotte groaned.
"I think she hangs around me because I have a very high chance of understanding her," Astarte apologized. "What I think she's trying to say is that you won't find vitae in just everything you kill or destroy. For example, machines and other things that were never alive to begin with, like certain Steel type Pokemon, will not give off vitae when slain."
"I guess that includes undead like you and me, huh."
"Undead can be a gamble," Astarte said. "Lesser undead, like your average shambling zombie, won't be packing nearly the amount of vitae that they possessed when alive. You'll get something, but not enough to make it worth the power you wasted on destroying it. But there are some powerful undead that have massive reserves of vitae that you can consume which would make it well worth the effort."

Charlotte grinned like a wolf after cornering a sheep. "Like you, perhaps?"
Astarte saw where this was going. "Yes, like me. But if you want real serious vitae, more than you could possibly consume, look to the demons. Or to the angels, like Crow here."
Charlotte glanced at Crow. "Incapable," Crow simply said without feeling threatened.
"Crow is a Fallen, a disgraced angel," Astarte translated. "Either the god was destroyed or the angel was dismissed of his or her service or something else happened, but Fallen were powerful when they served their gods, and sometimes they become even more powerful after they've plummeted into hell."
"Companion?" Crow asked.
"I know you don't want to hear this, Charlotte, but you're in no condition to attack either of us. And if you stick with us and pursue your actual revenge, you might find acquiring vitae a lot easier a task as opposed to trying to win against powerful undead, angels, and demons. C'mon, let's go get you some lunch, and I've heard about a really nice buffet."
"Oh really? Where?"
"Metal Hell. It's chock full of tasty vitae, if you have the talent for retrieving it from the local beasts and madpeople."

Charlotte pondered that for several seconds. "Yes," she said. "Yes, I do believe I have said talent."


Renny Digs Himself a Deep Hole...

Renny: "I noticed that the PATCA beach photoshoot pictures had been completed. Did you all like how your photos came out?"

Renny probably didn't really expect his mention of the photoshoot to have such bizarre consequences. When the meal preparation didn't require anyone to attend the oven or stove, Catherine dragged Whitney and Milsha back into one of the bedrooms.

Five minutes later, Renny was now dining with Catherine, Milsha and Whitney in the very same swimsuits they wore during that photoshoot. How in the hell di-?

Y'know what? Nevermind. It's good to be the king.

Renny: "Whitney, I was wondering if in a week or so, if you could please help guide me on my combat training. Catherine, Milsha, and Bretton have all helped me out so far in refining my combat style. Bretton in particular suggested that I might be able to go a bit further if I was able to channel my form's psychic capabilities into my entire movement and attack patterns instead of only using it when I specifically perform psychic attacks. He then said that you might have some insight on the matter."

Whitney swallowed a hunk of pot roast. "I assume he's referring to psychic reading. It's a lot like what Catherine does when she uses her Signature Technique 'And In This Corner'. I imagine he told you something about reading an enemy's moves, like watching for a flexing muscle or observing where the opponent has their weapon situated. It's a lot like that, but instead of checking for any physical indication of an attack, you're delving into the mind of your opponent, and that's where you can almost literally hear them say 'I'm gonna kick him in the balls'."
"Or I'm gonna ride him like a theme park goer on LSD," Catherine chucked. "Sounds really neat and more effective than me. But if he relies on that, he won't be able to sense an attack coming from things that don't have a brain, huh?"
"Everything has its own limits," Whitney agreed. "Me, I can probably help you understand it, but I don't exactly use it myself. With the growing strength of the Rezonscape's influence, you could inadvertently suffer some kind of madness effect. A lot of us psychic types have to learn to guard our powerful minds. Or else you become like those howling madmen in Metal Hell. Before he died, Faynoc did try to study them, but not to much avail. For the most part, you won't even get coherent thoughts out of them, just wild attacks with improvised weapons."
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Menarker is a splendid one to behold, except in the mornings. Menarker is a splendid one to behold, except in the mornings. Menarker is a splendid one to behold, except in the mornings.

Dinner tonight came with tons of eye-candy as Renny's eyes hopelessly darted from girl to girl which then wandered toward lewd places. The momentary surprise (especially the part where Catherine and Whitney somehow had their swimsuits with them) was quickly suppressed in place of arousal and admiration. Milsha wearing her swimsuit along wasn't quite as surprising since she shares the same living space, but he had already saw her in all her glorious wet nakedness before Lola had interrupted so the sight of her partial nudity made him recall the sight of the complete one.

As Renny listened to Whitney talk about the psychic reading, he thought about the previous time he trained with Bretton.

"... I don't think this was exactly what Bretton was talking about back then, but this is bound to be useful."

The Gallade pokebrid smiled and nodded toward his female counterpart.
"That would really help. Perhaps some time in the next few days? That'll give me some time to practice... and it'll also give a little time for me to prepare for the party I hope to throw for my 18th B-day. I hope you all can make it."

Indeed August the 24th was approaching unflinchingly and while Renny intellectually knew there wasn't an actual physical or mental difference between the day he is officially recognized as an adult by society and the recent days beforehand, his thoughts on the milestone was filled with anticipation. That he'd just like to have a decent excuse to have another party for everyone to relax in.

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Astral Harmony will become famous soon enough. Eventually. Maybe.

"Renny's eighteenth birthday, eh? I call dibs on being inside the cake!" Catherine spoke quickly, and knowing Catherine, she most definitely meant to do exactly that.
"I imagine he'll have as many friends as he can get to come to this party, won't you, Renny?" Whitney asked him. "Do you think it'll be possible to provide fanservice for the entire party?"
"A private cake, then," Catherine said stubbornly.
Milsha tilted her head in thought. "Can Renny even eat a cake by himself that's big enough to contain a mature woman like you, Cathie?"
Catherine froze at that remark, then sighed, defeated. "And to top it all off, he'll probably be so full from the cake that he won't have any room to eat me."

They all laughed at that. There was a knock at the door. "Do you think Lola's back?" Whitney asked, feeling a little sad.
"I'm sure she would've called Renny to let him know she was about to come back," Catherine answered as Milsha hopped up to get the door.

It was Irene, who paused as she saw what Milsha and the girls were wearing at the dinner table. "I uhhh...should I go and come back with my swimsuit?"
"Hello, Irene. Don't worry about the swimsuit. If any more blood rushes to Renny's head, it'll rocket out of his nose and send him all the way to Hiroshiho."
Irene chuckled. "Good idea. If Renny winds up there, he'll only end up with yet another willing harem of japanese girls."
"Do you want some roast?" Catherine offered. "We're gonna end up with way too many leftovers tomorrow."

Irene thanked them and seated herself. "I had Aster check and see what the next mission will bring us," she said. Always about business, eh Irene? "So I figured I'd stop by and inform our dear Sortie Coordinator about it so he had ample time to prepare for it."
"And?" Catherine asked for the rest of them.


The Next Mission...

"As you probably are well aware, we're heading into the Corpsemire," Irene said. "Two weeks from now."
"I'm actually kind of excited," Whitney said, hands clasped. "Not even Faynoc was able to get in there. He really wanted to learn more about Shadow Pokemon, especially Nosferatu."
"Y'ever watch Star Wars?" Irene asked rheutorically. "Well, the Corpsemire is about as close as you'll ever get to experiencing what it must be like on the planet of Dagobah. There's a constructed platform that runs all the way to the center of the place, but it's still going to be an eerie and unsettling experience for all of us. Regardless, I knew that we weren't going to be fighting anything there and Aster's precognitive abilities assured me as such, so you can just think of it like going to a haunted house or something."

Catherine and Whitney suddenly got bloody noses. "Huh, I think I have somehow acquired a bit of Aster's psychic powers," Irene deduced. "The two of you are imagining that you'll have Renny closeby and that something will scare him so he hugs you tightly out of fright, which will be so goddamn adorable that you completely lose control."

The two women turned there faces towards the floor, but the others could easily see how red those faces were. "Geez, girls, he's already seventeen. Anyways, it's what happens afterwards that frightens me a little bit," Irene said, refocusing all their attention. "Aster expects us to be separated...somehow, into very small groups. I get the feeling that something's going to happen when you enter the Hungry World. Therefore Renny, I'm asking that you setup a handful of formations based on a couple of unique requirements."


The Formation Setup...

DSS Setup: 1 PC, 1 Enforcer & 1 Specialist per formation
Requirements & Limitations: Either the Enforcer or the Specialist must be a Kimono. Lola and Harliette cannot be assigned.
Number of Encounters/Formation: 2 Each

"Each of you in the Watchman's inner circle (Player Characters) will have two units assigned to you, one of them as an Enforcer and the other as a Specialist, although since some Specialists can also function as Enforcers, that should help you a bit. You can assign Scouts and Destroyers as the Specialist, but the Destroyers and Opticka cannot function as Enforcers, so if you do that, you might be restricting yourself. These micro-formations will be the only encounters you will have, so you need not worry about what Specialists you assign to whom. However, because this is the Hungry World we're talking about, I would mandate that you assign a member of the Kimonos to each micro-formation. They should be able to help you reunite with each other."
"You make it sound like you're not coming with us, Irene," Whitney said.
"I might very well not be," Irene explained. "Aside from the Kimono requirements, Renny should in no way feel pressured to assign anyone in particular to those formations. I'll come to the Corpsemire with you, but in reality I'm no more knowledgeable of the Hungry World than anybody else at this table. And that's why I'm specifically requesting that you bring those girls with you, at least on this mission. Their knowledge of how the Hungry World works will offer you the best chances of reuniting with each other. Fortunately, Slayers will still be able to swap equipment although Daphne can't be in two places at once and won't be going with you regardless. The Kimonos will be in charge of that. I also talked to Miss Phelps. Harliette's condition is very stable and it's expected that she'll awaken any moment now, but Lola doesn't think she'll be in any condition to fight this time, and Lola doesn't seem to want to leave her side until Harliette can fight on her own."


About the Enemy...

"So, what do you think we'll be fighting in the Hungry World?" Milsha asked anyone in particular.
"Unless the Hungry World has duplicated a part of our Pokemon World into itself, you won't be fighting any Pokemon," Irene mused. "I'd wager that you'll come across enemies of each attribute. You know, humanoid, mechanical, undead, demon, that kind of thing. I'll talk with the Kimonos about it so that Renny will know how best to deal with each attribute so that he can build an effective series of formations."


About the Scout Specialists...

"Oh, by the way, I'll be introducing Opticka to the rest of the Watchmen in just a couple of days, but I figured I'd bring her with me just so that Renny could see her first," Irene said. "Opticka is the only Scout we've got so far that cannot function as an Enforcer, so you probably won't be bringing her with you on the next mission regardless."
"Oh, that's soooo super mean, Master!"
"It's da truth, ain't it?" Irene said as she reached beneath the table and then brought out a very small machine for all of them to see. "Ladies and shota, I present to you Opticka."

Opticka was an eight-inch tall Fairy Sexy trope wearing the attire of a Sexy Jester trope. Between her blush stickers and pale blonde hair, she was weaponized kawaii desu to the power of a million.
"Don't not squeeze her," Irene cautioned very firmly. "She's very expensive and takes a long time to repair."
Catherine and Whitney were physically doing everything in their power to avoid glomping the shit out of Opticka. Renny could tell that they grabbed their own seats and were holding on for dear life. It really didn't help that Opticka's voice was also high pitched and really cute. Milsha was easily in control of herself. She obviously liked cute things like the others, but was a lot more in control of any tendencies she might have towards them. "Beneath Opticka's custom-tailored appearance is the Pokemon World's most advanced sensing suite. Her diminuitive size allows her to easily stay out of harm's way. She didn't even take any damage from Moera's psychic assault."

"So who else is going to be working as Scouts for the Watchmen?" Milsha asked, hoping to defuse the ticking bomb that Irene created right at their dinner table.
"Garus Wilderschmidt, Aster Lloyd, and a recent recruit named Bianca. You'll meet her and some others in a couple of days, too. The Scouts will all have a group of common abilities amongst themselves, but they will also have some abilities that will be unique to each of them and I think you'll be amazed by what each of them can bring to the battlefield."
"Yep, you can count on me!" Opticka said with a big smile that could outshine the sun itself.

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