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Unread 08-30-2004, 01:46 PM   #11
Unlikely Hero
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This sounds like it's gonna be fun, guys. Here's the stuff about me.

Physical Description:
21-year-old Courtney is a mere 5'1", with long honey brown hair and big, curious blue eyes. Depending on what type of heroic endeavors she is involved in, she can be found wearing anything from normal street clothes to a formal evening gown to tights and a cape. Typically, though, she favors blue jeans, a tank top, a chainmail shirt a friend made her, and her favorite black leather jacket. Her fingerless black gloves are not what they used to be, and her black sneakers have seen better days, but the sword pendant around her neck is definitely more than it seems.

Brief Personal History:
Having spent the majority of her childhood reading science fiction stories and watching cheesy 80's cartoons, and her formative adolescent years in front of a Super Nintendo or behind a DM screen, these strange, arcane powers built within the girl, until one day, in a Mountain Dew-induced stupor, she realized what it was that she must do: Save the World. Most unfortunately, no guidance councilor at her college could tell her exactly what courses one needed to major in Superheroism, and so she struck out on her own. She now travels from town to town, making friends and enemies both mundane and supernatural, earnestly righting wrongs, however small, certain that one day, she will hear a Prophecy, and learn that She is The One.

As of late, humorless men in suits and sunglasses have been dogging her every move, yelling angry things about "soul-stealers" and how she's "one of them". Very concerned for the well-being of these poor stolen souls, Courtney offered to teach the men some simple detection spells, but that only seemed to upset them more. "Reality Deviant!" they began to shout at her, doing unpleasant things like shooting guns and radioing for backup, which would seem to be substantial, and possibly backed by the government. Having always taken an odd sort of pride in her own flagrant disregard for societal norms and the like, she wears the nickname "Reality Deviant" as a badge, of sorts, and has begun doing her own research on this matter of the missing souls.


From her fighting experience in Amtgard, Courtney is a decent sword-swinger, though she is generally very careful to not hurt anyone too badly. She has some skill in the use of firearms, although she rarely carries one. Her slightly infirm grasp on reality has allowed her to locate places where supernatural creatures (faeries, vampires, etc.)congregate, which is a source of both useful information and the opportunity to be used as a pawn in a game beyond mortal comprehension. Since she came to believe she was destined for greater things, her soul began to awaken to its full potential; she has been slowly developing a handful of magical abilities that, while not especially powerful, have proven useful on many occaisions.

Primal Sense: A sort of "Detect Magic" for the modern world, Courtney can locate places, objects, and people, carrying an abnormal amount of mystical energy. This requires concentration, and typically causes her to radiate more energy herself while this power is in use, becoming more vulnerable to scrying.

Discern Weakness: Afer a lifetime of video gameplay, Courtney's own subconscious has begun to give useful advice on how to "defeat" a certain situation. ("Its head! Aim for its head!" is a popular one for the arcade shooters) This can be anything from studying a person to realize they have a bad knee, to watching people enter and exit a wing of a building and realizing that stowing away in the roomservice cart is the situation's "weak point".

Magelight: As this is the staple spell for beginning mages in all the fantasy novels, Courtney studied volumes of arcane texts before finally compliling the information she needed to conjure a simple ball of illumination. She is working on a spell that will combine her Primal Sense and Magelight to create a sort of magical tracking device, which she suspects some of her enemies have been using on her.

Items of Power:

Chain Shirt: Handcrafted by a good friend and somewhat powerful Wicca who had more than a few bad experiences with spirit-bargains gone awry, this armor protects not only against knife slashes and sword blows, but also against the ravages of insubstantial ghosts and spirits.

Sword Pendant: Drawn inexplicably to this mundane-seeming item at a flea market, Courtney discovered its powers are twofold. First, when its wearer is being lied to, it grows cold to the touch, although sometimes so slightly as to be almost imperceptible. Second, when ripped from the simple leather strap that holds it, the sword charm can grow into a full-sized weapon, a power that has proven itself invaluable time and time again.

Strengths: Friendly, optimistic, determined, compassionate, is not easily fazed by the improbable or supernatural

Weaknesses: Won't let innocents be harmed, thinks villains should go to jail instead of being anhiliated, self-sacrificing, is easily distracted(Caught up in a good book, a good debate, a good-looking guy, or "side-quest")

So, there I am. If I can track down a suitably anime-ish picture, I will post that, as well.

"Being a mage is about giving a damn."~2nd Ed. M:tA Handbook
"Hope is the bravest rebellion."~Phil Brucato

"this is clearly the fault of those wacky money-hating environmentalists, with their tye-dyed t-shirts and their total lack of political power, making life miserable for those poor oppressed three-hundred-billion-dollar-market-cap oil companies."~fifthfiend
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Unread 08-30-2004, 02:12 PM   #12
You are not reading this.
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Oh, oh!

I SO want in as a good guy!

But, first, a CS exam!
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Unread 08-30-2004, 03:25 PM   #13
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I'm imtreasted but I have to go to sleep need to get ready for school only one day away for me oh and Thaumaturge can I be your right hand man, trusted liutenent or something like that. oh and osterbaum the easiest way to atract people is to make thread called do not read or reply to this thred that will get people intreasted.
Do geese see god?

Everyone is an asshole. Including me. Especially including the double asshole who read this and nodded smugly.

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Unread 08-30-2004, 03:53 PM   #14
Still RaiRai's *****
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I think I'll join as an evil henchman. I haven't decided for whom or what my gimmick is going to be, so for now, I'm up for being claimed if anyone wants an evil henchman. I'll post a gimmick later.
Holy crap! A CheshireThief spotting!
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Unread 08-30-2004, 04:14 PM   #15
My Lead Airbag
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So is there any chance to possibly usurp one of the three powers? I just hate playing second banana cuz the RP creator decided to make his guy the central figure.
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Unread 08-30-2004, 05:03 PM   #16
Sent to the cornfield
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I have no idea what to join as, but it sounds fun...

*lolls around deliriously*
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Unread 08-30-2004, 07:27 PM   #17
Unlikely Hero
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Well...make up another group! Be a shady messenger/go-between guy, working for the highest bidder. Be a double agent. Be an agent of that other mysterious government group hunting the soul collectors and other Deviants. Be a vampire searching for his humanity. Wait...don't do that...

"Being a mage is about giving a damn."~2nd Ed. M:tA Handbook
"Hope is the bravest rebellion."~Phil Brucato

"this is clearly the fault of those wacky money-hating environmentalists, with their tye-dyed t-shirts and their total lack of political power, making life miserable for those poor oppressed three-hundred-billion-dollar-market-cap oil companies."~fifthfiend
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Unread 08-30-2004, 09:31 PM   #18
Death Dealer
Death Dealer's True Form?
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Name: "Shadow Hunter"
Gender: Male
Class: Minor Magician, Minor Healer. Henchman to the Evil side.

Appearance: This giant tower of muscle doesn't look like he'd dabble in magic at all. He just uses it for minor support purposes, prefering to use his chakram (Think the Shadow Hunter in Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne, but with a round grip around the blades.) He dresses in a loose duster, and wears a red "witch hunter" hat. His nickname, "Shadow Hunter" doesn't refer to what he hunts, but rather by what he hunts by. He's always in the shadows, waiting to ambush any who try to get in his way.

Brief History: "Shadow Hunter" was born 24 years ago, and his childhood was filled with hiding and fear. His Parents constantly fought, and sometimes in a drunken rage, they'd come after him. Despite his size he became adept at blending in the shadows, and has used that to his advantage ever since. Came to work for Evil (Thaumaturge) when he ambushed the old personal guard and killed him silently. The leader hired him immediately, and he's been working there ever since.

Ambition: To be 2nd in command of Thaumaturge's entire operation.


Soul Revitalization - Restores a minor bit of soul back to the user, keeps them from becoming a soulless, which is a pitiful shell of it's former existance.

Mending: Just what it says. Mends a few wounds on whoever the caster desires.

Hurricane Chakram: Hurls his Chakram, which creates a small mini-huricane within it's range. (Within the circular handle, in other words.)

Raging Bull: Makes the Caster go into a furious rage, boosting his strength significantly, but makes him much easier to hit.

Shadow Vision: Doesn't take any souls, but it's a spell nonetheless. "Shadow Hunter" is the only one with the known ability to use it.

Strengths: Insanely powerful normally, and can take a hit well. Hides in Shadows like a wiry assassin.

Weaknesses: Not a magicially inclined as most people, and his size makes him quite easy to hit. Also tends to fly in a rage, with or without his spell.

Items of Power:

Chakram - A simple throwing weapon, bladed at 4 points and has a circular gripping handle for precision throwing.

"Witch Hunter" hat - Considered to be a staple of the light, this red hat protects him from opposing shadow forces, and it just looks spiffy.

Soul Furnace/Soul Reaver - This twin sided device can either turn it's target into a soulless shell, or it can incinerate the soul within, which causes great pain to the target.
When there was life, there was death, that's where I come in.

(From You don't want Death Dealer as your enemy.
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Unread 08-30-2004, 11:08 PM   #19
Posts: n/a
Default A neutral Fool

heh this is possibly the most possible rp of all to get out of the growth stage and even then it would be unstoppable. HAHA

Okay to buisness

Name: Jim Phillip Jones or "jimmy"
alignment: neutral
equipment: .357 Deagle with a single clip. hoodie , t-shirt , sunglasses , sweatpants

how he got involved in this : he saw some people he considered as just old dudes in an alley dancing around some jewel. Just as he ran in there his friend (who was with him) run ahead and this wierd purple stuff flew out and snatched something from him. As he crumpled to the ground Jimmy fired one or two shots at the men and they disappered.

saying : "You never know"

Side notes: he dosn't believe in psychic powers and the lot,
would kill someone if they paid him at least 5000$ along with giving him other benefits such as dental and a living space,
worked as a pizzaman and Postal worker,
not trained with the Deagle he just keeps it around for protection,

(tell me if any thing needs changing otherwise hold your peace)
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Unread 08-31-2004, 12:02 AM   #20
Cloud Strife
Stranger in a strange land.
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My character

You can definitely count me in!

Character name: Azeran Deltanabon, aka the "Soul Saint."
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond (Check the Avatar for what the hair looks like.)
Hieght: 5'8"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Clothes: Black t-shirt that has "Accepted and Forgiven" on the back, and black jeans. Worn nike cross-trainers, and a chain with a silver cross accompanied by the locket with a picture of his family inside.
Personality: Kind to the innocent, but condemns evil. Tends to judge on first impressions, which can be a fault at times. Good cleaning habits. Usually stoic, unless his family or innocents are threatened.

History: Azeran was born into an uneventful family in SE Washington state. The first five years of his life were fine, until his mother died during her third battle with cancer. After that, he became somewhat of a loner, choosing to absorb himself in fantasy novels and games. Through the rest of his elementary years, his life was rather uneventful, though he was always at the top of his class, showing signs of high intelligence. During his middle school years, he was often picked on for being short, until someone went too far. They started making fun of his family, which is one of the things that he cannot stand. When they didn't stop, Azeran looked at the kid, who flew across the hall, smshing into the lockers. Some witnesses say that Azeran's eyes turned red during the ordeal. He wasn't picked on again, and the whole incident was kept a secret. During his high school years, he joined the local Amtgard group, and became very proficient with polearms while playing a monk, particularly the Nagi Nata type of polearm. He also enjoyed playing the druid type of magic class. During all of this, more of his powers began to surface. While in college, he met up with someone much like himself, who also had similar powers. They became fast friends, until one day, when they were walking back to campus, they had a run in with mysterious men in black(no, Will Smith wasn't among them). Before Azeran could do anything, they produced some sort of small crystal, and charged towards Azeran and his friend. Azeran was about to use his powers when his friend jumped in front of him, which saved his life. There was a small burst of light as the crystal came in contact with Azeran's friend, whose last words were, "Run while you can, Azeran!" Azeran turned and ran. He looked back only once, just in time to see the light fade and his friend crumple to the ground.
Since then, Azeran has learned much about soul hunters, and has refined his powers greatly. He travels around with a 7 foot long nagi nata, sporting a 30 inch double-edged blade on the end. He searches for a way to reverse the effects of soul collection, stopping as much of the soul collection as he can along the way. If he is unable to find a remedy, then he plans to do all he can to put a stop to it.

Soul toss: Azeran has the ability to throw a person with a mere look. Doesn't work on those with a stronger will.

Soul Surge: Azeran is able to temporarily fuse a part of his soul into his Nagi Nata, which causes it to deliver a very powerful strike that almost always ends the battle right then and there. Only used as a last ditch, if nothing else can be done to remedy the situation.

Neutralize: He is able to neutralize any poison in a person on contact. Only works on poisons, doesn't cure diseases, or anything like that.

Protection sphere: As a last ditch effort, Azeran is able to create a kind of anti-soulsteal forcefield around a person of his choosing that lasts for about 30 seconds. This usually leaves him feeling out of energy.

Projectile deflection: While using his nagi nata, Azeran has the ability to deflect projectiles. This does not work all of the time, however. (Hey, nobody's perfect, right?)

Weaknesses: He cannot stand by while innocents suffer, nor can he stand anyone making fun of his immediate family, particularly his late mother. When this happens, he flies into combat, using his nagi nata to keep the evildoers away. All of Azeran's soul abilities do not work on the soulless, but he has kept this a closely guarded secret. Not even his high school sweetheart knows about this.

Special possesions:
He always wears a locket that contains a picture of his family inside. It is very dear to him, and doesn't let others so much as touch the thing.
Also has a ring given to him by his high school sweetheart (they met at Amtgard). He hasn't heard from her in over two years, but has the feeling that she is okay. (Azeran doesn't know it, but the ring is creates an empathic bond between them, and is also able to protect the wearer from a soulsteal once, and only once. The ring shatters upon completing this task.)

So, bacially, he's a good guy vigilante type character. Let me know if it needs changing. Also, apologies if I am godmodding. I'm fairly new at this, only been actively RPing for a little under two years now.
You know, I'd put up something witty and clever right now, but eh. I'm lazy.

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