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  2. Who knew again?
  3. Rock, Paper, Scissors. Again.
  4. Green screen me! (the game)
  5. Guess The Flick!
  6. A Thousand Words 2: 2000
  7. Dark secrets
  8. Corrupted Wishes
  9. Chessmaster: The Game of Thrones
  10. The Biggest Nerd
  11. Nuklear Wright: Power Attorney - An Unbeelievable Catastrophe! A Honey of a Crime!
  12. Piction/Capture
  13. Tell a baseless lie about the poster above.
  14. How will your fellow forum members be old?
  15. Wherein I rip off MSPaint Adventures
  16. The Posters Are Now Sandwiches
  17. You're Banned!
  18. Son of the Bride of the Spawn of the Caption Contest: Secrets of the Mummy's Curse
  19. Homestuck Mafia Thread
  20. My Little Pony: Friendship is Mafia
  21. Hatland Mafia
  22. Forgotten Realms Mafia!
  23. FUCK YOU Mafia!
  24. Mafia Time!
  25. Batman Mafia
  26. Number One Hits of the NPF
  27. The Spy Among Us Mafia
  28. Scenes From a Hat
  29. Mafia Mafia! Also fucking pepper spray.
  30. Valve Mafia - "You are all incompetent cowards!"
  31. So, who's up for some Chess?
  32. Chess for Everyone Else!
  33. MAFIA mafia: The mafiating: Mafia with a Mafia
  34. META-Mafia!
  35. Let's Play: Rulers of Nations!
  36. Blatant Lies : All the truth revealed.
  37. Blatant Lies 2.0