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  1. The Multiplayer Thread!
  2. Playing Games Subforum Rules
  3. The NPF Legal Free Games Masterlist.
  4. Let's Play: Vampire: Bloodlines
  5. LP: Seiken Densetsu 3! Starting!
  6. Let's Play: Fallout 3
  7. Let's Play The Elder Scrolls IV, Oblivion!
  8. From Ace Combat to Zombies Ate My Neighbors: The NPF Let's Play Sticky
  9. Jet Helm Required! The Lufia 2 Let's Play
  10. Let's Play Dwarf Fortress - Skeletal WHAT?!
  11. The Very Big Final Fantasy XIII Thread
  12. Let's Play: SuperPower
  13. Dragon Age, you disappoint me.
  14. Final Fantasy X (The Longest Journey)
  15. Another Dwarf Fortress thread
  16. Let's Play: Pokemon!
  17. Bayonetta
  18. The Past Uncovered. The Future Unknown: Illusion of Gaia Let's Play!
  19. Project Needlemouse IS ACTUALLY SONIC 4
  20. Let's Play Medieval II Total War: Polska, Jesteś moim Powietrzem
  21. Are YOU a Pokemon Master?!
  22. Let's Play Golden Sun: Where the Sun Don't Shine
  23. Holy Compilation of Awesome, Capcom! Mega Man Zero Collection FOR THE WIN
  24. Ivalice? More like Vana...lice! Shut up. (FFXII thread)
  25. Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars
  26. The escapist!
  27. Hey NPF, whatcha playin'?
  28. Mass Effect 2
  29. "So You THink Batman's Made Gotham A Better Place?"
  30. Potential LP?
  31. Fans Localize Fatal Frame 4
  32. No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle
  33. Persona 3 Portable Gets US Release Date
  34. If you could take over a game company...
  35. Doc's try at reviewin: Darksiders
  36. Doc's try at reviewin: Darksiders
  37. GC does a Let's Play: I also have Pokeymans and I will show you them
  38. The NPF Pokemon League!
  39. First-Person Tetris
  40. The Myth: The Fallen Lords apreciation thread.
  41. Jumping on the Pokemon Bandwagon! But this time... JOHTO.
  42. SQUAREWATCH (20100123): Tetsuya Nomura says "no FFVII remake; yes moar Cloud"
  43. Capcom's Bet
  44. Mixing the concept of an abridged series with a Let's Play? DMC3? It'll never work!
  45. Cheap-Ass Games 49: The Half-Assing
  47. FF Crystal Bearers: Wherein NonCon can't see a goddamn motherfucking thing
  48. Iwata Asks: Handheld Zelda games (Bonus: amazing stories about Zelda 1)
  49. No I Don't Want This To Be Another "Great Moments In Great Games" Thread
  50. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Beta Giveaway
  51. Crimson Echoes
  52. So I played MGS4 Recently
  53. Xenoblade - Newest in Xenogears/saga series
  54. Are you MAN ENOUGH to CONQUER THE GALAXY? Let's Play Space Empires V!
  55. Assasin's Creed 2: Battle of Forli (Ehh...)
  56. What Are You Playing; Threadstation 3
  58. Obscure Console Games
  59. Silent Hill, "You Are Always On My Mind..."
  60. Bioshock give away/Bioshock general
  61. The Nintendo Zii: This Year at GDC
  62. Aliens Vs Predator demo on Steam
  63. SQUAREWATCH (20100204): Yoshinori Kitase explains why an HD remake of FFVII is not go
  64. Prince Of Persia In... I Forget.
  65. Sonic News: Episodic 2D adventures
  66. They are unfriendly and have pointy ears
  67. Hasbro remakes Monopoly (at least it's not a Chrono Trigger remake!)
  68. Pokémon 5th gen is GO
  69. House Rules
  70. Happy Fun Adventure Time! - an Illustrated Adventure
  72. Bayonetta, great game or too much?
  73. PSP Versions
  74. retrogen portable (aka SEGA Nomad done right)
  75. Command & Conquer.... FREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!
  76. Guess who' getting a PSP ( finally )?
  77. Some Pretty Heavy Rain
  78. Warmachine: MK II
  79. Ace Attorney: Edgey Investigates! is out now
  80. Super Street Fighter IV - "Let's fight like gentlemen!"
  81. When Did You Discover You Enjoyed Video Games?
  83. Ubisoft Vs Pirates. Whoever wins, we lose.
  84. Games WITH Soundtracks
  85. Damn you social gaming!!
  86. Wow, Atari was hardcore
  87. Videogames: The wave of the future
  88. Point And Click Adventures Were The Shit
  89. Video game shenanigans
  90. Things that should be done to break the piracy debate.
  91. Australia gets Galaxy 2 and Other M this summer, what the-
  92. Matthew Razak can't stop analyzing No More Heroes 2
  93. Civ 5 for Fall 2010: Just in case you were thinking of reclaiming your free time.
  94. White Knight Chronicles (SPOILERS).
  95. Activision shuts down fan made Kings Quest project (AKA CT:CE discussion take 2)
  97. Silent Hill 4 Isn't That Bad...
  98. Portal Update - new achievement, Mind Screwing ahoy
  99. Let´s Play: Master of Orion 3 -Will the Madness never stop?
  100. Activision smacks down Infinity Ward
  101. Looking for the MMO chart
  102. Pre-emptive Sony News thread.
  103. Squandered Potential: Games that could have been so much more
  104. Indie games (several)
  105. So there's this new digimon MMO
  106. Balancing a life in gaming and outside.
  107. SOMI2:LeChuck's Revenge SE is a GO! (Secret of Monkey Island 2 SE)
  108. Anyone else playing Blur?
  109. Battlefield: Bad Company 2
  111. A Western developer doing JRPGs?
  112. Brink
  113. Anyone Know Much About UMD (PSP) Movies?
  114. D&D Shenanigans
  115. God Of War 3 - No More Quick Time Sex Scenes For Kratos!
  116. Diablo 2 - NPF Campaign
  117. TF2 update: Community Content
  118. Note to Square.
  119. Video Games and Storytelling
  120. RPG Maker
  121. Wii Learn!
  122. Dragon Age: OrANGE YOU GOING TO AWAKEN?
  123. Killzone 3
  124. Nintendo 3DS
  125. Persona 5 News
  126. Getting a DS lite! Help me pick out games!
  127. Ubisoft Is Still Real Sorry About Prince Of Persia
  128. Flotilla: Random Space-Based Adventures are the Best Adventures
  129. D&D 4E - Rules of War
  130. The Nique Brags About His new PS3 thread.
  131. Late to the party: Persona 4
  132. Who likes VIDEOGAMES?!
  133. Metroid Other M gameplay trailer
  134. Resonance of Fate
  135. [TF2] Fake Engineer update
  136. Glitches and bugs, amusing and/or game breaking.
  137. On the red corner: Galaxy 2 trailer; on the blue corner: Sonic 4
  138. A Video Game ID challange
  139. Game- ready model shops
  140. Latest version of Dwarf Fortress is live
  141. Minecraft. Good lahd, give me back my soul!
  142. Crowning Moments of Awesome
  143. Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey
  144. Fragile: Farewell Any Semblance of Decent Dialogue
  145. I wanna do a gaming podcast.
  146. Ragequitting.
  147. Mattel murders scrabble,rapes corpse
  148. Big Boss versus Big Freaking Dinosaurs in Metal Gear Solid (5): Peace Walker
  149. Human Tetris Project?
  150. Enslaved (PS360).
  151. Let's Cut Tails and Bash Skulls! Monster Hunter 3 Tri thread
  152. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (Chris Redfield is in)
  153. Roger Ebert claims "video games cannot be art"; molests children.
  154. The Solid Snake Buys a PS3 (and Saves his Sanity) Thread
  155. Frustrating Moments In Otherwise Great Games
  156. Left 4 Dead 2: The Passing
  157. Diablo 2 NPF Campaign [April 23]
  158. So I has PSP. Can I has suggests?
  159. Anybody still playing Borderlands?
  160. It's A Familiar Tale: A Power Mad Space Gorilla... (S&M Thread)
  161. Anyone who's into RPing...
  162. Play as Metroid, Zelda, Contra, Castlevania or Mega Man in Super Mario Bros.!
  163. Sexual Innuendo: The Box, the Game.
  164. It's that TF2 update time again.
  165. Castlevania: Harmony of Despair
  166. Anyone else play with Gmod?
  167. Diablo II Campaign: May
  168. Holy Crap Minecraft
  169. Trailers with NonCon
  170. Free MechWarrior 4 is here!
  171. SF IV
  172. What would you play?
  173. Fallen Earth
  174. The Marvelous Misadventures of Asshat! [REBOOT]
  175. What makes the essence of a game?
  176. Bargain bin
  177. Little Big Planet 2: Where Don gets depressed he just got LBP1.
  178. LittleBigPlanet2 confirmed
  179. OH NOES NOT ANOTHER ONE! Let's Play Pokemon EMERALD
  180. The Humble Indie Bundle
  181. I Used My Batman Brand Detective Vision To Find This
  182. 3D Dot Game Heroes: Retro? Retro.
  183. Portal is free until May 24th. Also, it's on Mac now.
  184. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Isn't Too Bad... Pity It's A Silent Hill Game, Though
  185. Nier.
  186. Alan Wake
  187. What I've learned from Just Cause 2
  188. Red Dead Redemption
  189. They Did It. They Really Did It - A Noir Spiderman Game
  190. Cave Story Wii
  191. Don't you people ever die?! A DMing thread
  192. Pokémon Ruby playthrough, Nuzlocke edition
  193. Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Sky is out this summer
  195. Lets Speculate About E3!
  196. Fat Princess PSP Is A Great Game That I Highly Recommend
  197. Pacman on google?
  198. Throw some DS games at me
  199. It just doesn't end [Ragnarok Online]
  200. I'm collecting!
  201. Super Mario Galaxy 2
  202. "Abandonware Heaven" or "Share In My Nostalgia!" or "Remember Jazz Jackrabbit?"
  203. Fire Emblem 3 is getting a remake for DS
  204. Trauma Team : Making me go GAWWWH!
  205. Games - Subforum rules
  206. Let's Talk About Metal Gear AC!D
  207. Let's Suck at Megaman
  208. New Guitar Hero to have a storymode, new Rock Band to have BUY A REAL INSTRUMENTS
  209. For Consideration: Bells is thinking of a Let's Play.
  210. Let's Recommend Let's Plays
  211. Alpha Protocol
  212. Diablo II Conclusion
  213. Sex Scenes in games: Deep gameplay or CHEEEEEEEEEEESE
  214. Harry Potter games attempt to ape Gears of War, look silly while doing it
  215. What a twist! Playing Natal makes you look like an idiot!
  216. Snatcher
  217. Dragon Age: Animu
  218. DnD Online or DDO
  219. So, The New Silent Hill Will Not Have Its Maestro
  220. Back to the Future/Jurassic Park Adventure games (Telltale)
  221. TF2 Mac Update
  222. New Mortal Kombat game in the works & its 2D!!!
  223. Lost Planet 2.
  224. Dreamcast coming to XBLA
  225. Recommend some mods!
  226. So I wrote this short little thing on Games as Art (Late to the Party)
  227. Soldat
  228. Xenoblade
  229. The E3 Thread
  230. The Legend of Zelda : Skyward Sword
  231. The blood of the gods runs through you! Well, one god anyways.
  232. The Adventures of Bardman!
  233. That New Sonic Game with all the Colors of the Rainbow
  234. Kirby's Epic Yarn . . . WTF
  235. Are Achievements\Trophies important to a game?
  236. One with the allspark - Transformers War for Cybertron
  237. Naughty Bear
  238. Weird Things You Notice While Playing Games
  239. Square Enix Considering Bringing Final Fantasy V, VI to 3DS
  240. In space, no one can hear you die...A Starflight LP
  241. Here, we rant about how unwanted spoilers have ruined our gaming experiences.
  242. Sin and Punishment: Star Successor
  243. Suggest a quest hook!
  244. Come for the bisexual French nuns, stay for the dialogue trees. Let's Play Dragon Age
  245. Let's Play Thermonuclear War!
  246. Let's go through the GBA library!
  247. Game Building Help
  248. Minecraft or Why haven't you given this man your money yet?
  249. Hey We're Big Jerks or the Summer Steam Sale - What's Your Damage?
  250. FFXIV PS3 version is delayed to March BLEARGH.